24 inch BMX Bikes: Can Adults Ride Them?

24 inch BMX Bikes: Can Adults Ride Them?
24 inch BMX Bikes: Can Adults Ride Them?

Your neighbor recently purchased an all-new 24 inches BMX bike for their young child. The six-footer right next to you is suffering from an intense illness of BMX bike envy. We can predict that your next Google search will be “Can adults use BMX bikes with 24 inches”?

Adults can use 24″ BMX bikes. Adults can take advantage of 24-inch BMX bikes with a top tube length of 20.0 inches or greater to accommodate riders over 5’4 inches. It’s crucial, however, to ensure that your BMX bike can support adults with their weight.

Follow us as we talk about the benefits of biking. We’ll equip you with the knowledge of which size bike is best for you. We’ll also provide suggestions of the top 24 inches BMX bikes on the market for various classes.

If you’re seeking to enjoy yourself while bonding with your kid, or you’ve got that BMX desire and are looking to return on the bike, or the envy-inducing neighbor mentioned in the beginning, We’ve got you covered.

Here we are!

Are you in a hurry? Take a look at our top-rated 24 ” BMX for adults in the list below:

The 4 Top 24-inch BBMX Bikes

  1. Schwinn Sting Pro/ Predator BMX Bike: Best Adult 24 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike
  2. Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike: The Best Adult 24-inch Race Bike for BMX
  3. The Mongoose Title 24 Race Bike is an alternative to the Best adult 24-inch race Bike for BMX
  4. Redline MX24: Top Starter Level 24 Inch Adult Bike for BMX

BMX Biking – Four Reasons to be Healthy for Adults

You might have begun BMX riding for the health benefits it is believed to bring. Below are four reasons.

1. Weight Loss

BMX riding can help you stay active and enjoy yourself while having fun. Talk about a double whammy! The movement of the body is a source of the loss of fat.

Expert cyclists recommend starting slow and then increasing the speed when you master the hang of it. In general, you will lose around 300 calories in an hour, based on the length of time you’re cycling, the weight you carry, and the speed of your riding.

As opposed to exercising and cycling, specifically BMX, cycling can aid in losing weight and not becoming bored!

2. Muscle Strengthening

Cycling works the core muscles like the glutes, quads and hamstrings, and even abdominal muscles. All these muscles are exercised and tightened or toned when you ride to decrease visible body fat.

BMX bikes help people build muscle and strengthen by pushing the muscles to the limits of what they’re used to.

This is the final nail in the coffin;

The more muscles you build, the more calories you burn. This is true even when in a state of the zenith of your exercise.

3. Cardiovascular Health

As per an investigation, it was found that cycling lowers the chance of dying from cardiovascular disease. If it is done often, cycling can boost and increase circulation.

You’ll sweat and breathe more deeply during cycling. In turn, this can strengthen your heart, and you’ll experience increased fitness levels.

4. Mental Health

The increased blood circulation to the brain increases the oxygen flow to the brain. The brain’s performance will significantly improve as a proper oxygen flow will help stimulate the brain.

How do you find the right adult BMX bike Size?

The design of BMX bikes considers things like size, height, and age. The weight of the Rider doesn’t usually really matter because the fact is that BMX bikes are made to withstand extreme conditions.

Let’s consider the elements in deciding the best BMX bike to buy.

The Rider’s Height

Ideally, standing on the bike and keeping your legs firmly on the ground can help you determine whether the bike is suitable for you. But, this may not be feasible if you purchase on the internet.

You’ll need to determine your height to select the correct BMX bike. If you are interested in the technical details, here is a list of guidelines to help you choose the required measurements.

  • Height of the inseam Measures the distance from your floor to your groin to determine the size of your bike that you prefer.
  • “Lift” (wingspan) – Measure the distance between the point of your elbow to where your fingers are.
  • Ape Index – Measure the wingspan and subtract the height. If you get a positive result, you’ll need a bigger bike. Conversely, an adverse effect is a good thing—a negative impact.

Many manufacturer websites offer information on which bikes will fit particular riders’ heights. Here is an example table that displays the Rider’s height and the ideal top tube and frame size for bikes.

Rider Height Top Tube Length Bike Frame Size
4′ 00″ and Under (122cm or less) 15″ – 16 “  Micro Mini
4′ 00″ – 4′ 6″ (122cm – 142cm) 16″ – 17″  Mini
4′ 6″ – 4′ 10″ (142cm – 149cm) 17″ – 18.5″  Junior
4′ 10″ – 5′ 4″ (149cm – 163cm) 18.5″ – 19.5″ Expert
5′ 4″ – 5′ 10″ (163cm – 181cm) 20″ – 20.5″ Pro
5’ 10” and Over (181cm and Over) 20.5” and Over Pro XL or XXL

BMX Wheel Size

Although it is a common practice, wheel size isn’t the most reliable way to judge if a bike is suitable for you or not. The wheel size can be tiny, while the frame and top tube sizes are more significant for the particular category.

One reason is that people can now create and modify their bikes to suit specific fields that are specialized in BMX riding. But that’s not to suggest that there aren’t rules.

Check out the recommendations below on the categories that each wheel size fits.

Wheel Size Category
16 inch Kids Bikes
18 inch Small Freestyle
20 inch Standard
22 inch Medium
24 inch Cruiser BMX – Popular among taller people or older riders

Age of the Rider

Another aspect to consider when deciding the best bike is its age. Most BMX bike makers include this when they have their websites. However, since there are always variations in the body size, you’ll find that manufacturers typically provide the range.

Here is a table that shows what you can expect for specific age groups.

Rider’s Age Frame Size
Up to 5 years Micro Mini
5-7 years Mini
8-10 years Junior
10-13 years Expert
13 years + Pro

Four of the Best adult size 24 inches Bikes for BMX

Mongoose Freestyle-BMX-Bicycles Title Micro - Kids Ridez

To help you realize your dream of starting BMX biking, This is the top four of the leading bicycle motocross bikes available on the market.

Schwinn Sting Pro/ Predator BMX Bike (Best Adult 24-Inch Freestyle BMX Bike)

Its Schwinn Predator Team embraces the 80’s style primarily due to the chrome-plated steel frame, some fun decals, and Rattrap pedals which provide control during riding.

With 20- and 24-inch wheels, it is suitable for anyone aged eight and over and includes more prominent members of society.

Are you looking to be the days of your childhood? Join The Predator Team and experience the excitement.

Mongoose Title Elite BMX Race Bike (Best Adult 24 Inch Race BMX Bike)

Mongoose brand bikes are equipped with the latest performance features. This Mongoose Title Elite 24 bike is an all-terrain BMX cruiser specifically designed for professional riders whose average height of 5’7” or over.

It comes with an Aluminum linear-pull brake and Radius aluminum brake levers and offers four features accuracy, speed control, control, and best control.

This BMX is complete with an aluminum hydroformed and butted frame, which is slightly more aerodynamic and durable.

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike (Alternative Best Adult 24 Inch Race Bike for BMX)

Are you brand new to BMX cycling? Perhaps you’re coming back after some time hiatus? Don’t worry! This cruiser at a reasonable price is precisely what you’re seeking.

The three-piece tubular cranks are equipped with sealed bearings protected from elements, resulting in more comfortable pedaling. The integrated headset allows you to replace it easily without requiring special tools.

With a top tube length of 21.77 inches and a full tube length of 21.77 inches, the Mongoose Title BMX bike can comfortably accommodate five feet 7” or more riders.

Redline MX24 (Best entry level 24 inch Adult Bike for BMX)

The Redline MX series considered an entry-level bike is the best choice for those who are new or returning to riding. It has a striking design and is built with the minimal build quality.

This BMX is equipped with Tioga Powerblock tires, one of the “new norms of BMX racing” that can efficiently convert all of your inputs from pedals and other bike parts into an enjoyable ride.

What can adults do to ride Bikes for BMX in a Safe Way?

It’s a huge mistake to conclude this article without addressing the safety-conscious riding principles. Safety should be foremost, especially when riding BMX bikes and doing adrenaline-inducing and blood-rushing flips, tricks, and jumps.

Here are some things to consider to ensure a safe trip.

  • Accessorize Use Personal Protective Gear

To increase your safety, you should wear cycling gloves to improve your grip on the bar handles. They also provide the best protection against cuts, scrapes, and bruises from the event of a crash.

The force of external sources or other objects like pedals can damage your bones and soft tissues. Wearing shin guards and elbow pads can absorb the impact, protecting yourself from injury.

It is crucial to wear a helmet that guards against head injuries.

No one starts their bike hoping to be crushed, but if you’re wearing the correct safety equipment, it will prepare you for the event. Prevention is always better than cure. That’s the motto.

  • Easy to Do – Ride Slowly on the Bike

In general, cycling is exciting. The excitement is more incredible when you are BMX riding. The thrill of riding BMX will draw you to speed up your riding and increase the chance of you crashing and injuring yourself.

Making a mistake can cause injury. So, do exercise caution.

  • Make a Statement Often

The seats of BMX are low to allow for a lot of room, mainly when performing mid-air tricks. They are also humble enough to permit the user to push harder on the pedal to achieve quick acceleration.

A prolonged period of sitting when riding BMX can cause pressure to the groin area, which will lower the back. The force that results can be eased by standing frequently.

In conclusion

If you’re a child or an athlete of six feet or more, or somewhere in between, there’s something to suit you within the BMX biking world. Find out what you like about it, then hop aboard and enjoy the many benefits of riding the BMX bike.

And don’t forget your helmet while you’re at it!

People Also Need to Ask

What is a 20-inch Bike for Adults suitable for BMX?

A 20-inch BMX bike and more miniature adults are the standard sizes for children or youth. Taller adults may find riding difficult, particularly those just starting.

What is the average age of a 24 Inch BMX Bicycle?

In general, a 24-inch BMX is an adult-specific bike model. However, the one-inch BMX bike can be used by kids over eight years old and more significant than 4 feet 2 inches tall.

Can adults ride 20-inch Bikes?

Adults can ride bikes with 20 inches when their height allows. The taller adult can also ride 20-inch bikes, provided the frame is more extensive, and the tube on top is more comprehensive.

How Big BMX Are Adults Using?

Adult BMX sizes start from the typical dimension, which is 20 inches. Older and taller adults are recommended to opt for larger 24 inches BMX bikes since they provide excellent stability. However, most adult BMX users have indicated a tendency to ride 22-inch bikes that they say are comfy.

Are adults able to ride BMX Bikes?

Adults can ride 24 inches BMX bikes. There’s no age limit. Only your health could hinder your progress. According to the website storycorps.org, the most senior female BMX rider is almost 70!

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