Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (5 Reasons!)

Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (5 Reasons!)
Are BMX Bikes Good for Long Distance? (5 Reasons!)

With many race BMX bike models capable of achieving 35mph or more, it’s an irresistible desire to ride them across long distances. But do BMX bikes suitable for riding long distances?

Unfortunately, no! The BMX bikes aren’t ideal for long distances. They have tiny frames and single gears. They also have low seats and no suspension, which makes them uncomfortable over long distances. They also have poor brakes, making them unreliable when stopping.

Be aware that there are instances that allow you to ride BMX bikes over long distances, like off-road riding, and they’re more suitable off-road than on roads. However, you will need to make modifications, like changing the tires and seat.

But in general, BMX bikes are only suitable only for shorter distances. Opt for mountain, touring, cyclocross, gravel, or hybrid if you want to travel long distances.

Let me go over in detail the information I’ve discussed!

5 Reasons BMX Bikes Are Not Good for Long Distance

BMX bikes are typically not appropriate for long distances due to these reasons

1. BMX Bikes have smaller frames

It’s easier to become tired with a smaller bike than riding a larger one. Unfortunately, BMX bikes belong to the earlier. They feature a more petite frame, which makes it necessary to exert your back and legs. This means you could be injured while riding long distances if you don’t pull the lever upwards.

In addition, you’re likely pedaling quickly, which could cause knee pain as you don’t have enough room to bend.

2. BMX Bikes are Single Geared

Gears are crucial when going on long rides. However, BMX bikes have only one gear (one speed). This means you must utilize the same gear for all terrains, which doesn’t favor going uphill. It is only suitable for riding in plain fields.

Therefore, the BMX bike isn’t the most suitable choice unless you intend to ride long flats, which is unlikely.

3. BMX Bikes Come With Low Seats

BMX bikes feature low seating to give you excellent maneuverability when doing tricks and prevent injury to your groin region. The seats aren’t designed to let you sit down for reasons I’ve given. You are therefore required to sit while standing.

Unfortunately, you can’t take long rides while sitting. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t sit on the BMX seat, but the seat is typically smaller and more uncomfortable. This is why it’s not a good idea when you plan to ride at a distance.

4. BMX Bikes Are Not Suspension-equipped

There’s a lot of discomfort cycling long distances, and you’ll need a suspension bike to take some of the. Unfortunately, BMX bikes don’t have suspensions, so your body will feel every force.

Imagine driving through bumps and potholes; your body must endure the whole thing! This must be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

5. BMX Bikes have poor brakes

Most BMX bikes have rear brakes but don’t include front ones. Part of this is because you’re expected to utilize your feet to brake.

In the end, you require the most effective brakes for both wheels to travel long distances. BMX bikes do not provide the same. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to chance to go on an extended ride on the back of a BMX in the knowledge that its brakes aren’t as robust.

Where Can You Ride a BMX Long Distance?

Although BMX bikes aren’t the most suitable option when traveling long distances, you can still ride long distances off-road. It will be a bit discomforting. However, you can get through it by making minor modifications.

This includes:

  • Lifting the seat
  • New comfortable BBMX chair
  • Change the tires – Find alternatives with a grip profile, such as those on mountain bikes

This conversion is only suitable for commuters. If you plan to take a long excursion, you need an adventure bicycle.

What bikes are suitable for long Distance?

Although BMX bikes aren’t ideal for long distances, however, you can take a long trip with one of these bikes:

  • Cycling tours Touring bikes are generally the most suitable for long distances as they’re specifically designed for long distances. Their construction quality allows them to stand up to the needs of a long-distance ride, and they’re physically capable of carrying huge loads and tackling any terrain.
  • Cyclocross bicycles If you’re an experienced rider who wants to race long distances using a cyclocross bike, it is recommended. Cyclocross bikes can be used over all terrains, just like touring bicycles.
  • Gravel bikes Gravel bicycles are the less expensive versions of touring and cyclocross bikes. Like both, gravel bikes let you ride across any terrain. The benefit of gravel bikes is that they’re faster. They might not cover as much terrain as touring bikes, but they can last long.
  • Mountain bicycles mountain bikes are unparalleled off-road. They can handle all kinds of conditions and are generally well-suited. But they’re slower than gravel, touring, and cyclocross bikes.
  • Hybrid bikes are always a good alternative for those who want the least expensive but most flexible long-distance ride. They could be the slowest but are pretty comfortable on long rides.

How Far Can You Ride BMX Bikes?

BMX bikes are pretty quick, with speeds of at least 35mph. There is nothing to doubt that they are fast. However, the problem is that you’re likely to be exhausted when pedaling fast because BMX bikes tend to be smaller than having a single gear. This means you’re not going to be able to get a reasonable distance.

Most BMX bikes can cover 10 miles, but that’s not much Distance compared to how long the touring bike can travel.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Commuting?

Although some commuters use BMX bikes, they aren’t ideal for long-distance travel but are great for short distances. The reason is:

* You may get tired Quickly

The bikes of BMX allow riders to stand while riding, which isn’t ideal for long distance rides. You’re likely to be straining your spine when you are cycling for long distances standing. The BMX bike frame does not allow your knees enough space to stretch, so the knees will strain.

There are many discomforts.

If you plan to ride for extended distances, it is necessary to have bikes with suspension to absorb some of them. Unfortunately, BMX bikes don’t come with suspension, meaning your body will likely feel the full force of the impacts.

Imagine driving through bumps and potholes; your body needs to endure the entire thing! This must surely be extremely painful and uncomfortable.

* You’ll have a hard time shifting your time

BMX bikes have a single gear. This means you’ll use the same gear for flats, climbs, and downhills. Single gears are great for flat terrain. However, going uphill will be difficult since there’s no shift.

There is no Bump Soaking Suspension.

The bikes for BMX do not have any suspension. This means you’ll feel every impact you have over bumps or potholes.

* BMX Bikes aren’t Mount Ready

A decent commuter bike will permit mounting seats, fenders, racks, water cages, lamps, and almost any accessory you’d like to utilize. However, this is not the case for BMX bikes.

* BMX Brakes Are Not Reliable

The brakes on bikes for BMX are intended to slow you down, but they do not have to get you to halt. If you need to stop your bike, you must use your feet. They are not reliable for commuting.

Additionally, BMX bikes only have rear brakes. Brakes are required on both wheels if you want to ride a bicycle; BMX does not offer this.

* BMX Geometry Doesn’t Ensure the Most Reliable

The frames of BMX bikes are shorter and have chainstays. This makes them less stable. This makes them harder to manage when riding on rugged terrains. Although BMX bikes are responsive and agile when turning, they aren’t stable.

Is a BMX Bike Suitable for Cruising?

There are a few BM bikes that are suitable for riding around. The best option is cruiser BMX bikes, which look like cruiser bikes in a way different from traditional BMX. One option is Schwinn Sting Pro. Schwinn Sting Pro (View on Amazon) lets you explore paved streets.

Are BMX bikes suitable for trails?

The most effective trail bikes are mountain bikes because they feature longer chainstays that provide stability, suspensions to aid in shock absorption, and dual brakes to ensure a quick stop. Bike BMX is the opposite of this, making them unsuitable for trails.

Here are some reasons why BMX bikes aren’t appropriate for trail riding:

  • Longer Chainstays They have shorter chainstays that cause them to be less stable on trails.
  • Absence of suspension The majority of bumps on trails require suspension. However, BMX does not offer a break.
  • Front brakes are not present. You only get the rear brakes with the BMX designed to slow you down but not stop you.
  • Shorter frames – BBMX bikes have shorter frames which force you to work harder when riding in rough terrain like trails.

Are BMX Bikes good off-road?

The BMX bikes can be used in off-road biking. Their lightweight yet sturdy frames and design allow riders to travel on rougher roads. It is possible to fall heavily on the BMX. The only issue is that they don’t have the best brakes, which might not help you over obstacles that are hit off-road.

The smaller wheels can be an issue as the wheels are more likely not to leap over obstacles.

Are BMX Bikes Good for the Road?

BMX bikes work well on the roads and off-roads so long as you travel a short distance. You can do stunts, sprints, and jumps on most roads on the BMX. In essence, it’s due to their sturdy but light build.

People Also Need to Ask

Can You Ride BMX Long Distance?

BMX bikes can be uncomfortable for long distances. They aren’t equipped with suspensions, smaller frames, single gears, and low seating. Additionally, they come with poor brakes, which aren’t as reliable. While you may be able to cruiser BMX for long distances, they’re not the ideal choice.

Are BMX bikes comfortable to ride?

If you’re not planning to ride BMX for long distances or on uneven surfaces, BMX bikes are comfortable. They are uncomfortable through rough terrains or long distances as they have no suspensions, a single gear, a shorter frame, and an elongated seat.

What bike is best for long Distances?

The most suitable bike for long Distance is the touring bike. It can be used on all terrains and ride a few loads. It’s solidly constructed, robust, long-lasting, and able to adapt to various types of terrain.

Why do adults ride Bike BMX?

Adults use BMX bikes to serve a variety of reasons. They are used for exercise, cruising, stunts, racing, and having fun. Adults can generally ride BMX bikes since they have larger top tubes that fit their size.

Are BMX Bikes Fast?

A BMX bike can reach an average speed of 35mph. Unfortunately, you can’t travel further at that speed. Additionally, you can attain speed when riding flats but not on hills.

Are BMX bikes suitable for Long Distances? Final Remarks!

You know that BMX bikes aren’t suitable for long-distance rides. Therefore, the next time you want to ride a BMX, take it for a shorter distance.

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