Top 17 Best BMX Bike Brands Of 2022 (Top Quality And Performance!)

Top 17 Best BMX Bike Brands Of 2022 (Top Quality And Performance!)
Top 17 Best BMX Bike Brands Of 2022 (Top Quality And Performance!)
Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is constantly evolving. Every brand strives to be ranked among the most innovative and reputable. Given the intensity of the market, working out the most reliable BMX bike brands isn’t simple. You must consider design quality, brand name reputation frames’ strength and durability, user feedback, and sizing flexibility. This is the reason this guide is here. We base our decisions on these factors to recommend the highest quality.
The brands we recommend enjoy connections with the top and most well-known BMX models. Please do not fret about the BMX cost too much since most of the BMX bikes fall in the price range of mid-range to entry-level categories, making them reasonably priced.Without further delay, Let’s get to the list.

The Top 17 Best BMX Bike Brands in The World

Here are the best 17 BMX bicycle brands around the world:

1. Mongoose – Best All-Around BMX Brand

Established in 1974 by Skip Hikes in a tiny garage in California, Mongoose became one of the world’s most prestigious BMX brands. The company’s history of more than four decades is a testimony to the dominance of the brand in the world of Bicycle Motocross.

Mongoose is owned by Dorel Industries but runs independently and is well-known for producing the most durable all-around BMX bicycles.

With a mongoose-branded BMX bicycle such as this Mongoose Legion BBMX (View the item on Amazon), it is possible to be a pro at the top of your game or ride to have fun.

2. Eastern – The Best BMX brand for beginners Riders

At the time, Mike Corley and Jon Byers established the Eastern Bicycle company in 1986 in North Carolina, not even they had the idea to be a significant draw for the world. While Eastern manufactures BMX bikes suitable for cyclists of every level, their most loyal customers are those new to the sport.

Eastern BMX bikes have a basic profile that allows them to be ridden by beginners. They’re both easy to handle and maintain and have affordable prices.

It is worth looking into eastern from children to adults who are just beginning.

3. Cult BMX is the Most Recommended BMX Mark for Intermediate Riders

It’s impossible to ignore Cult when searching to purchase an intermediate BMX bike. Since its inception in the year, 2010 Cult has produced some of the most lightweight and stable shifting BMX bikes.

The frame manufacturer uses Chromoly, which blends carbon fiber’s lightweight with steel’s strength and durability to provide the most reliable performance-focused frame.

Cult bikes give you a wide range of choices, making them the perfect option for intermediate riders.

4. Sunday – The Best BMX brand for experienced riders

Every brand listed here offers a wide selection of top-quality BMX Sunday stands apart, focusing on frame design and innovation.

USING WAVE TUBING AND HEAT PROCESSING FRAME TECHNOLOGY, Sunday BMX bikes offer double strength and stronger frames. Additionally, with Black Magic, their structures are protected from rust.

The only downside is that the bikes cost less than most brands. However, they are usually worth it.

5. Elite – The Most affordable BMX Brand

Although many people mistake Elite BMX for an exclusive BMX brand, the reality is not what you think. Elite produces one of the most cost-effective BMX bikes for amateur or professional riders.

However, unlike many affordable BMX models, Elite doesn’t compromise on the quality of the bikes. Elite bikes are also elegant and simple to put together. An excellent illustration can be found in the Elite Bike BMX 20″ and 18″ (View on Amazon)

Elite was established in 1993 in Philadelphia with the help of Richie Cortez and his friend David Greenfield.

6. Subrosa – The Best BMX Brand for severe riders

Subrosa is perhaps the ‘Subaru’ of BMX due to its variety of bikes, build quality, and affordability. The bikes are designed for hard-core riders who wish to take their BMX speed to the next level.

Subrosa BMX bicycles are strong, lightweight, and versatile BMX bikes that come in a variety of designs for large as well as tall people. The most popular model comes in the Subrosa Salvador, with the lowest weight and strength of the frame.

7. WeThePeople – Top quality BMX Bike Brand

Most professional BMX riders say they believe that WeThePeople (WTP) is among the top BMX brand, and its flagship model, the WeThePeople Envy, is arguably the top BMX motorcycle ever.

Defending such statements is tough because WTP does not disappoint regarding build quality. The BMX manufacturer creates the most ingenious BMX bikes focusing on durability, speed, and endurance.

Presently, WTP associates with legendary freestylers such as Dillon Lloyd, Dan Kruk, and Jordan Godwin.

8. SE Bikes – Best BMX Brand for Racing

SE Bikes is another BMX brand that dates back to the 70s, or 1978 to be exact. Its main line of business is racing BMX, and the brand showcases its finest sporting BMX bikes.

However, SE Bikes has a good selection of commuter bicycles. SE Bikes bikes are easy to ride and include various sizes of big wheels, including 29-inch, 27.5-inch, and 24 inches.

SE BMX bicycles feature a minimalist design, making them ideal for riders with a relaxed lifestyle.

9. Schwinn – Most Versatile BMX Brand

Irrefutably the most popular bike brand I have listed, Schwinn was established with German engineer Ignaz Schwinn in Chicago in 1974. The company could only manufacture the first BMX bicycle, the Scramblerin 1975.

The brand is well-known for the Schwinn Pro and Predator (View at Amazon), arguably the most flexible BMX bike manufacturer.

The Schwinn BMX bicycle can go BMX racing, explore the streets, or even commute to work.

Although Schwinn does not have a lengthy selection of BMX bikes, their bikes are durable and affordable.

10. GT Bicycles – Best BMX brand for Freestyle

GT Bicycles has been producing top-quality bikes in the mid-range since the year 1972.

Today, they are the top brand in Freestyle because of their wide selection of entry-level and professional-level BMX bikes.

GTBMX bicycles are well-constructed, easy to ride, and super light. The top-selling lines are Performer 21, BK Team, Conway Team, and Mercado Team.

More Bike Brands for BMX

11 Haro – The Most iconic BMX Brand

Are you searching for a famous BMX brand to hit your streets? It is impossible to miss Haro since the brand was created by the greatest icon of Bicycle Motocross, Bob Haro, in 1978.

The former professional BMX rider is known as the “Godfather” of Freestyle, who invented initial breakthroughs within the BMX freestyle scene. Haro bikes for BMX are usually premium and most suitable for competitions.

12. DK BMX The Best Kids” Choice

Talk about a father who solves his son’s problems and addresses the issue of many children worldwide! This is precisely what DK is, which stands in the form of what Dad and Kid are all about.

When Dayton, an Ohio child named Dayton, would not stop breaking the BMX stems, father Charlie, a toolmaker, created the most potent stem for his bike that his son could find, which was a huge success and would later be the birthplace of Dayton BMX bicycles.

DK is one of the most popular BMX freestyle bike brands and possibly the top children’s BMX bike.

13. Mafia Bikes – The Most Modern BMX Brand

Mafia Bikes is a new company that is entering the Bicycle Motocross market. They started in 2009 in the U.K under the leadership of Mark Ferrari Guy.

It is a relatively new company. Mafia Bikes distinguishes itself by adopting modern-day themes. Mafia Bikes bikes feature modern designs using the latest frame technology.

In the end, Mafia BMX bikes are not only about looks but also high-quality construction, performance, and value, as you can see by this Mafiabikes Bomma 26 Wheelie Bike (View on Amazon).

14. Kink – The Best Newcomer BMX Brand

Kink BMX, located in Rochester, NY, launched in 1994. The company’s creator, Zach Philips, was only 16 then and began to make and sell BMX components before transforming them into complete BMX bikes.

Kink BMX sponsors notable celebrities such as Travis Hughes, Nathan Williams, Jacob Cable, and Casey Sterling. Thus, although Kink is new to the scene, it partners with some top BMX riders.

15. Kent – The Most Stylish BMX Brand

Kent International, originally Philkam Cycle Company, was established in 1909 by Abraham Kamler, U-S immigrant, 1909 to set up an unassuming bike shop in New York. As the business expanded, Kamler started producing complete BMX bikes. He also switched the company’s name to Kent International.

Presently, Kent makes some of the most fashionable and cost-effective BMX bikes in its factory in Parsippany, New Jersey.

16. Stolen – Best Big-Bike BMX Brand

Although most BMX manufacturers focus on producing basic (20-inch BMX), Stolen makes every effort to create big-wheeled bikes, called Big Bike BMX bikes.

Its lineup includes 22-inch, 24-inch, and 29-inch BMX bikes designed for larger riders who consider 20-inch BMX bicycles too narrow. Stolen invests heavily in frame quality and offers the highest quality Cr-Mo frames that are 100% complete.

The BMX brand was established in 2003. It manufactures most of its bikes in Taiwan; however, it has its main office in Windborne, Dorset, U.K.

17. Redline – Great for Day-to-Day riding

Redline, Another older BMX bike manufacturer, was established in 1970. The company is headquartered in Chatsworth, California. Redline is a brand known for the most durable and efficient BMX bicycles.

However, it’s hard to find anything better than Redline if you’re searching for a daily BMX bike to have fun or for competition preparation. Redline is also one of the most affordable BMX bikes available.

Redline MTB bikes offer durability and build quality, exactly like Redline cyclocross bikes and MTBs.

It is evident from its Redline Bicycles Rival (View on Amazon) that it is an excellent freestyle selection.

People also ask (About the top Bike Brands for BMX)

What are the top Bike BMX Brands?

Based on the quality of the build and customer feedback, as well as brand recognition and design originality, These are the top five best BMX bicycle brands:

  • Mongoose – Best All-Around BMX Brand
  • Eastern Best for Beginners BMX Riders
  • Cult BMX is an excellent choice for intermediate BMX Riders
  • Subrosa – Great of severe riders
  • WeThePeople – The Most Innovative BBMX Brand

What kind of BMX bikes do the Pros Use?

The BMX pros typically are on bikes for BMX with regular wheel sizes (20-inch), and the top tube length is 20.5-22.0 inches. These riders place their brand’s reputation and build quality above all else.

What kind of BMX Bicycle Do I need?

The type of BMX bike is contingent on the kind of rider you’re. If you’re an athlete and want to be Freestyle, then the freestyle BMX bike will suit you better; however, if you’re a street racer, you need a race BMX to race seriously or a cruiser for more casual racing.

Which BMX size should I Choose?

It is essential to buy a BMX whose top tube is the same as your height. Here’s a sizing chart that you can use to help.

The Length of the Top Tube (inches)

the Rider’s height
18.0-18.5″ 4’5″-4’10”
19.0-19.5″ 4’5″-5’2″
19.5-20.0″ 4’8″-5’5″
20.5-21.5″ 5’6″-5’10”

Final Remarks on the Top Bike Brands for BMX!

You now have a list of 17 top BMX bike brands worldwide. You can pick any brands based on your preferences or riding preferences and your budget. Remember that quality is more important than price, and that’s where you should focus.



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