Can A BMX Bike Fit in A Car? (Quick Answer!)

Can A BMX Bike Fit in A Car? (Quick Answer!)
Can A BMX Bike Fit in A Car? (Quick Answer!)

Bikes with BMX are irresistible, so it’s natural to want the Bike you love in your car every when you take the road. The question is, will a BMX bike be incorporated into the vehicle?

Many BMX bikes, particularly the standard dimensions (20-inch BMX) and kids’ choices, will be tucked away in the car so long as your vehicle is large enough to accommodate a boot or rear seat. If this isn’t the case, it’s possible to put the Bike up on the car rack.

All in all, BMX bikes are likely to be able to fit into the car due to their slim build. They are built with a more petite frame than other bikes and have smaller wheels and a lower seat.

It all depends on how you pack the Bike inside your car. Therefore, you must know how to make the most of the car space. Let me tell you what you can do to put a BMX inside a car and how it’s possible.

Here we take a trip!

Where and How Does A BMX Bike fit in A Car?

In general, there are two spots inside your car in which you can fit the BMX bike. These are:

1. The Car Boot

A car trunk is the best way to securely and comfortably transport your BMX bike around in your car. It’s normal because car boot spaces are significant.

But you must be sure:

  • There’s plenty of room for the car to be able to fit.
  • Make sure you secure the Bike correctly to prevent any shaking.
  • Keep your BMX bicycle in a bag like the Calloway Odyssey BMX Travel Bag (View on Amazon). The pack will not simply conceal your BMX bike from the public eye. It will also safeguard the boot of your car if they bump into one another.

2. Back Seat

If the car’s boot isn’t big enough, it’s possible to put the BMX bike onto the back of the seat. This is an excellent option if you aren’t planning on having passengers in the back of the car and the back seat collapses.

Certain cars also permit folding the back seat, creating an even larger boot space. If this is the case with your vehicle, it can transport even the giant BMX bike, for instance, the size 27.5 (or 29″) inches.

Make sure you shield the entire back seat from the dirt and grime of your Bike. It’s possible to do this with the boot liner, such as 4KNINE’s 4KNINE SUV Cargo Liner (View on Amazon) if you have an SUV.

The boot’s liner comfortably covers the fold-down rear seat and the boot. It features an anti-slip back that shields the BMX from sliding or hitting the boot’s interior.

In addition, is that it protects your Bike from scratches on the car.

How BMX Bikes Fit inside the back of a car

In general, BMX bikes tend to be smaller than other types of bikes. They can be tucked away in the car’s boot or the back seat for easy transport. While we’re talking about BMX bikes being tiny, we’re talking about the following highlights:

  • A more petite frame – the frames of BMX bikes are smaller and allow you to put the Bike into your car quickly. It’s not necessary to take it apart unless it’s massive.
  • Smaller wheels – A normal BMX features 20-inch wheels smaller than road bikes’ 700c or MTB’s 26-inch or 29-inch wheels. Because of this, you can put an ordinary BMX and its wheels inside the car. Of course, there are exceptions. Do the 26-inch, 27.5-inch ( rare models ), or 19-inch BMX bikes come with bigger wheels?
  • Posts for the lower seat post BMX bikes come with lower seats, allowing the rider to take on tricks. When it comes to carrying the Bike, the lower seat post reduces the size of the Bike, which makes it easier to put the Bike into your car.

What happens if the BMX Bicycle is too large to fit in the car?

When the BMX bike is 26 inches or greater, it is necessary to adjust to fit into the car. The adjustments you need to make include the following:

1. Get rid of the wheel (s)

The wheels take up lots of space. Therefore, it could be sensible to remove either or both of the wheels to minimize the size of the Bike. This is an excellent option for those taking the road for a long time, but it could be a hassle if you’re on an unimportant trip.

In general, you won’t need to get off the road in the case of a minivan or SUV, or any other vehicle with small boot space. Then you might want to think about the idea.

2. Fold down the seat in the rear.

If your vehicle’s rear seat is collapsible, allowing access via the boot space, then fold it. It will give you plenty of room and means you won’t have to dismantle the wheels.

Make sure you protect your boot and rear seat with the boot liner.

3. Move the handles

The handlebars may take up more space than the wheels. It’s, therefore, a bright idea to arrange them so they don’t take up much of your car’s storage space or rear seat.

What if you can’t transport your Bike BMX in the car?

If you cannot carry your BMX bike, think about mounting it to the car. It is a good idea to consider investing in a quality vehicle bike rack.

There are a lot of decent bicycle racks for cars, but here are the top three common choices:

A. Car Bike Racks for Trunks

Trunk-mounted bike racks can be mounted on the car’s trunk, as the name suggests. The frames are equipped with stronger straps for securing the Bike to the car’s trunk.

They’re generally light and easy to put on bikes, and transportable. They’re also inexpensive and let you transfer and remove your BMX bicycle in a short time.

Their main disadvantages are that they could let the bike sway and rub against the vehicle and, in many cases, block access to the trunk.

The Yakima Full-Bar High-Quality Trunk Bike Rack is a stunning strap trunk bike rack that is perfect for the BMX bicycle (View on Amazon). This bike rack is ideal for cars for passenger use and can accommodate two bikes.

The greatest thing about it is that it’s movable, simple to install, and, therefore, portable.

B. The Hitch Mounted Car Bike Racks

The racks for hitches are attached to the hitch receiver on your vehicle. If your car does not have a receiver for your trap and wants to install one before installing a rack for your hitch.

Overall, the hitch bike racks are simple to set up and permit you to take and remove your BMX bicycles effortlessly. This is why they are perfect for those who want to utilize their Bike regularly.

They’re, however, priced higher than the majority of racks and are often in conflict with the trunk of your car.

A great hitch rack for oversized and heavy bicycles is Thule EasyFold 2 (View at Amazon). The stand has 130 pounds of capacity for a load which is ideal for big and heavy bikes.

It’s collapsible when it’s not in use. Also, unlike other bike racks that hitch, this one is tilt-able, so that trunk access is possible and lets you secure the Bike. BMX bike.

C. Spare Tire Car Bike Rack

Spare bicycle racks for tires are mounted onto the car’s outside spare wheel. They’re as light as trunk racks and usually the most affordable overall.

They allow you to put your Bike in place with ease as opposed to trunk racks or hitches. They provide easy access to the trunk of your car.

Their disadvantage is that they can only transport only two or three bikes and could let your BMX slide. Furthermore, they can only be used on vehicles with spare tires.

In the end, if your vehicle comes with an external spare wheel, it is impossible to be wrong using this Hollywood Racks Bolt-On Tire Rack (View on Amazon).

The rack can carry two bikes and is generally sturdy and straightforward.

D. Rooftop Car Bike Rack

The other racks block the trunk’s access or cause the Bike to move The roof rack doesn’t have to deal with those issues. The only problem for you is getting the BMX bike up to the roof and riding it against the wind or on under-tunnel roads.

Overall, these racks are safe and can serve as a container for your boat and cargo. One rooftop bike rack that can do this is Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack. Thule UpRide Roof Bike Rack.

The roof-mounted carrier can carry your Bike, which includes BMX. It can’t touch the Bike’s frame, protecting it from scratch marks.

Roof racks are easy to install and recommended for bikes with delicate components, particularly those equipped with carbon frames.

Moving the BMX Bike in a Car Vs. Utilizing the Bike Rack Pros and Pros and

After I’ve discussed transporting your BMX in your car and using racks, which is the best? There’s no better or worse, as both have advantages and disadvantages.

Transportation of your BMX in the car


  • It’s more affordable as you require straps and possibly bags for bike travel.
  • It can take a few minutes to unload and load the bicycle unless you are required to remove the wheels
  • Dissuasive – Nobody will be aware that you have a bike in your car when you’re traveling unless they use the trunk


  • Potential bike dame
  • Potential car damage
  • The bicycle could stain your car if it is dirty

Moving the Bike using a Bike Rack


  • More likely to not contaminate your Bike or car
  • It won’t spoil the interior of your vehicle.
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • Simple bike mounting


  • Costlier
  • Non-discreet

People Also Need to Ask

1. How do you transport a Bike BMX?

Transporting the BMX bike inside your car, trunk, or the back seat is possible. If you’re driving an SUV, you could fold the rear seat back to increase the storage space in your boot. You can also mount your BMX on the car’s bicycle rack.

2. Can a Bike Fit inside a Car Without taking it apart?

A bike can be placed in the car’s boot without having to take it apart if there is enough space for the boot and the Bike isn’t too big. Also, you can try collapsing your rear seats to provide a larger space for the boot.

3. Can a Bike Box Work in My Car?

You’ll likely have no trouble installing a bike storage box into the boot of an SUV, particularly when you’re able to collapse your rear seats. It is essential, however, to set up the bike wheels before placing them in the bike box to cut down the parking spaces.

4. Can a BMX Bike Fit in A Car? Conclusion Comment:

It’s possible to place a bicycle in your car’s boot, back seat, or both. The most important thing is that your vehicle has enough room. If that does not work, you can place it on your bicycle rack in your car.

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