Are BMX Stem Bolts Universal? (Quick Explanation!)

Are BMX Bike Stem Bolts Universal? (BMX Stem Bolts Explained)
Are BMX Stem Bolts Universal? (Quick Explanation!)

For clarity, you don’t often look for stem bolts to attach to your BMX bicycle. Since the cycle isn’t a permanent fixture, you’ll be interested in knowing what you can get when the time is right. So do you think BMX stem bolts are universal, or are they different?

BMX stem bolts are generally universal since their sizes vary by approximately 8 millimeters. Technically speaking, BMX bike stem bolts are available in different sizes, such as M8 and M6, and M5 – in which M refers to the designation metric and the number following it refers to the bolt’s diameter in millimeters.

Therefore, the term “universal” can only be applied to BMX stem bolts in a group. To be more specific, they are not universal, only different.

Let’s go deeper to understand this debate.

What is the reason BMX Stem Bolts Universal?

As stated above, BMX bikes usually have stem bolts of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 5mm in diameter. The bolts come with threads with various thread pitches.

A thread pitch is the length of threads in millimeters. The M5 bolt’s average Thread pitch for M5 bolts is 0.8. For M6, the pitch is 1.0. For M8, it’s 1.0, and for M8, the pitch is 1.25.

Thread callouts can be used to identify various bolt and screw types. Thread callouts provide information about the bolt, like length, diameter, and thread pitch.

The callouts will be printed on the packaging label if you purchase at a physical retailer and buy from a physical store. The item’s description usually includes the bolt’s details for online purchases.

For example, a stem bolt advertising 8x 1.25mm signifies that its diameter measures 8 millimeters and the thread length is 1.25 millimeters. A bolt advertised as M5 x 16mm indicates that the size is five millimeters and has a thread length of 16 millimeters.

There are several callout methods with the same reading charts. Bolts are available in various lengths, with a thickness of twenty millimeters or 25 millimeters.

After you have mastered the technical aspects, follow us as we discuss the other essential details regarding stem bolts you must be aware of.

Stem Bolts and Stem Bolts – What Are They?

The stem connects the forks with the handlebars. They can be found as a quill or threadless systems and secured by stem bolts.

Stem bolts are mechanical device that secures the bar’s handle in place. It ensures the stem is in place, preventing it from self-adjusting during riding.

2-Bolt System vs. 4-Bolt System

The stem bolts enter the faceplate on the top or the sides. Faceplates come in different designs and are named according to the number of bolts required to keep them in place.

The majority of BMX bikes have either a 4-bolt or 2-bolt system. Bikes with quill stem typically feature a 1-bolt design. Some riders also personalize their faceplates to include bolt-free methods.

While the 1-bolt design appears elegant, it has a big flaw. It has one point of failure. However, the no-bolt System can include welding services in the event of damage.

Specific riders assert that there’s no difference in the performance and feel of the two designs. Here is a brief discussion of two-stem bolt systems to help you choose which one you want to go with.

A – Bolt System

The faceplate is secured with two bolts.

2-Bolt System Pros

  1. The bolts are more significant when compared to the bolts that are used in a 4-bolt system.
  2. Bolts are much easier to tighten.

2-Bolt System Cons

  • The safety of the rider is significantly at risk if a bolt fails to break down, as the handlebars disengage
  1. 4-Bolt System

The faceplate is secured with four bolts. These are the most popular faceplates, particularly for BMX and mountain bikes.

4-Bolt System Pros

  • This kind of design clamps an enormous area, making it more sturdy.
  • Because the bolts are more significant, this design permits using smaller bolts. For mountain bikes that utilize this kind of construction, screws could be smaller than 3 millimeters.
  • The more significant number of bolts will help in the event one fails. The handlebars remain securely fixed.

4-Bolt System Cons

  • They cost more than 2-bolt systems because they have more bolts
  • This System is heftier due to the larger faceplate and the more significant amount of bolts
  • The smaller screws used by this strip can are easily broken

The best material to use for BMX Stem Bolts

Stem bolts are made of the following various materials.

Stainless Steel

The material is strong enough for bolts at a low cost. Some companies electro-polish their bolts to ensure they are more resistant to corrosion.

If you’re a fan of stainless steel, purchase a Ritchey WCS4Axis (Check for it on Amazon) Bolts for stem replacement, which will give an excellent service for affordable prices.


The highest-quality titanium produces strong stem bolts with high tensile force. However, it would help if you verified your stem bolts had been certified as premium titanium.

It utilizes cheap and low-quality titanium stem bolts that snap and cause injury.

If you’re a considerable titanium lover, you’ll find that the Wanyifa Titanium (Check on Amazon) stem bolt is the one you’re looking for. It’s made of Grade 5 titanium, twice as tough as steel, yet 45percent lighter.

Other materials used in manufacturing BMX bicycle stem bolts that aren’t widely used include aluminum alloy and copper. Specific stem bolts like Wanyifa are available with PVD gold coating colors to give a unique appearance.

How do I determine the measurement of BMX Stem Bolts?

It is important to remember that even with a skilled eye, there are times when simply looking at the stem bolts may not be accurate in determining their size. So, how do you select the correct size bolts?

You can utilize the digital caliper, bolt gauge, or even a necklace gauge to obtain precise measurements of the stem bolt. Bolt gauges are the most durable measuring tool.

It is possible to measure the diameter of the stem bolt, the thickness of its thread, pitch, and length using the same tool.

A bolt necklace can be a trial-and-error method in selecting your bolt and inserting it into the various available gauges until you discover an appropriate fit. A few details about the bolt can be found inside the indicator.

How do you replace BMX Stem Bolts with a Threadless Stem?

If the stem bolts are located on the top, straddle the bike over the top tube to maintain stability. If they’re located at the front, cross over the front wheel.

Utilizing the correct hex wrench, use the appropriate hex wrench to remove the stem bolts. There are several screws that you have to be removed will vary based on the type of faceplate used. Faceplate. If it is difficult to remove the bolts due to corrosion, use a rust removal product like this quick-acting WD-40 penetrant (View the full review on Amazon).

If the problem stems from other causes like damaged bolt heads, you can use a Torx wrench, such as the Titan 1215, since it has a better grip. The Torx wrench can also be used when tightening the bolts until the proper torque is.

How Do You Maintain the Stem Bolts?

If you don’t do maintenance, the whole System breaks down. This is the case for your stem bolts and bike specifically. Here’s how you can increase the lifespan of your stem bolts. Use.

  • Rust is a significant issue with stem bolts. The first step is the stem bolt you choose to eliminate the menace of rust.
  • Stem stainless steel and titanium bolts provide the most significant security against corrosion. Another option is to apply a lubricant such as the WD-40 Penetrant (mentioned previously) to all susceptible to rusty areas.
  • Another concern is that stem bolts may break if tightened too tightly. This is why you must ensure that you tighten your bolts at the proper level. Make sure you have the stem bolt’s diameter to prevent the threads from breaking.

People Also Need to Ask

What Size are BMX Stem Bolts?

BMX stem bolts are generally available in five, six, and eight millimeters. They’re officially referred to as M5 or M6 and are available with various dimensions and widths. Letter M stands for designation for metric, and the number following is the millimeter diameter.

How tight Should BMX Stem Bolts Be?

The tightness of the stem bolts depends on the manufacturer’s specifications. However, generally, there is a range of 4 to 6 N/M torque.

Tightening the stem bolts too much creates pressure points, damaging the tool that pulls it. The pressure points could harm the handlebar tube if left for too long. The bolt head could split, leaving the threads can be stripped.

Bolts that are tightened too tightly can be challenging to get rid of. The problem can become worse when the bolts become corrosion-prone.

Incorrectly tightening the stem bolts is not recommended. If bolts are not tightened properly, they can result in a slippage between the parts connected, which can damage the bolts.

Wanyifa M8 x25mm

The end, In conclusion – Are BMX Stem Bolts Universal?

BMX stem bolts are available in different dimensions and shapes. The typical dimensions of BMX stem bolts are typically 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm. They come in different sizes, lengths, thread pitches, and thicknesses. There are some exceptions to this, however.

Specific BMX bikes, particularly ones that use the faceplate with two pieces, include stem bolts that measure seven millimeters. Before purchasing new stem bolts, purchase the bolt gauge or calipers or necklace gauge to obtain exact measurements for stem bolts.

Remove one of the pieces from your stem and visit the local bike shop to purchase the replacement.

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