Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes? (What to Know!)

Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes? (What to Know!)
Can Adults Ride 20 Inch BMX Bikes? (What to Know!)

As a standard size considered to be the standard size for BMX, The 20-inch BMX bikes are popular with kids and teens. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who ride these bikes. Also, can adults ride 20 inches BMX bikes? And if they can, who else?

Adults can ride 20-inch BMX bikes provided that the top tube lengths and frame dimensions correspond to the height of the adult. In this case, people over 5’6″ can ride 20-inch BMX bikes with maximum tube lengths of a minimum of 21 inches.

Be aware that the top tube lengths extend to over 21.5 inches. The bigger they’re, the better suitable they are for adults.

I’ll provide you with a sizing chart in the future to help you determine the ideal adult 20 inch BMX size. Also, I’ll offer several top adult-sized BMX bikes that can be purchased on Amazon.

However, before we get there, we’ll examine why BMX cycling is excellent for adults.

Need to get moving? Check out my top highly recommended BMX bikes for adults in the list below:

4 of the Best Adult-sized BBMX Bikes

  1. Mongoose Legion L500 The best to 5’8″ and above
  2. Mongoose Legion L100 Ideal to 5’8″ and Over
  3. Elite BMX Bicycles 20″: Best for 4’0″ 5’0 – 4’0″
  4. Redline Bicycles MX-20 The best for 5’3″ 5’8 – 5’3″

The reason BMX riding is good for Adults

BMX is generally a good sport for adults due to the following advantages:

1. Weight Loss

Like any other form involving cycling, BMX is a physical activity that stimulates the body. It gradually reduces calories, which can help in losing weight. The exercises are easy but can help you shed extra weight over time.

2. Balance and Coordination

BMX cycling teaches you to ride standing up and aerial tricks to help stabilize your body. In the long term, you will enhance your stability and coordination.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Bike riding on BMX bikes is excellent for heart health. The more you bike, the more you increase your circulation, which reduces the chance of developing heart disease. Keep in mind that regular BMX biking lowers blood cholesterol and makes you healthier for your heart.

4. Brain Power

BMX riding can also increase cerebral circulation by approximately 35 percent. When there is sufficient cerebral circulation, it gets enough oxygen and is stimulated to function. Therefore, your overall brain performance is improved.

5. Mental Health

Bike riding in BMX isn’t just great for your physical wellbeing as an adult but also helps with your mental health. It’s a fantastic anti-stress tool and sleep enhancer.

How tall should you be to Ride a 20 inch BMX Bike? (BMX Bike Size Chart by Height)

If you are riding a 20-inch BMX, it is possible to do it starting from 3.8″ high. This means that it is suitable for youngsters. However, it isn’t just about kids, as specific bikes can accommodate adults six feet or taller.

In general, you should consider two factors when looking for a 20-inch BMX in your size: the size of the frame and the length of the top tube.

In terms of the size of the frame, it can vary between micro-mini (which is suitable for anyone three feet or less”) and up to proXXL (which is ideal for taller people of 6 feet and about).

When it comes to the length of the top tube, the height ranges from the 18-inch mark (perfect for those who are 3’8″ tall) up to 21.5″ and up (ideal for taller than 6 feet).


That brings us to the BMX sizing chart below:

Rider’s Height Top Tube Length (Inches) Frame Size
Up to 3.8” Less than 18” Micro Mini
3’8”-4’5” 18.0-18.5” Mini
4’5”-4’10” 19.0-19.5” Junior
4’5”-5’2” 19.5-20.0 Expert
4’8”-5’5” 20.0-20.5 Expert XL
5’6”-5’10” 20.5-21.0 Pro
5’8”-6’0” 21.0-21.5 Pro XL
6’0″ + 21.5″ + Pro XXL

20 ” BMX Bike at What Age? (BMX Bike Size Chart by Age)

The length of the top tube and frame size are both critical in sizing a 20-inch BMX and any other BMX size based on the age of the Rider.

In this case, children younger than five can ride a 20-inch mini BMX bicycle, and anyone over 13 years old (including adult riders) can depend on the 20-inch Pro, pro xl, or pro-XXL BMXbased on the height of their Rider.

While assessing the age of your ride is essential, it is also important to consider your height when looking for an ideal 20-inch BMX bike.

Here’s a table that shows the BMX dimensions for various age groups:

Here’s a table showing the BMX size for different ages:

Rider’s Age Top Tube Length (Inches) Frame Size
Up to 5 years Less than 18.0″ Micro Mini
5-7 years 18.0″ Mini
8-10 years 18.0-18.5″ Junior
10-13 years 19.0-20.0” Expert
13 years + 20.5″ + Pro

Today, can adults ride 20-inch Bikes for BMX?

When we compare the chart based on height and the chart based on age, the former is more precise in determining whether adults can ride a 20-inch BMX provided they choose the correct size and have a top tube length of at minimum 21 inches.

Be aware that adults are more likely to be comfortable riding a BMX bike with an upper tube length greater than 21.5 inches because it gives the Rider more space.

It’s essential to look at the chart. It will help eliminate any doubts regarding the BMX not being a good fit.

The best 20-inch BMX bike for adult riders

It’s now a fact that adults can ride 20-inch BMX bicycles. Here are the four most popular options on Amazon:

Mongoose Legion L500 BMX Bike(Riders Height 5’8″ plus)

Its Mongoose Legion L500 is a freestyle BMX designed for adults with a minimum of five feet eight inches” tall. The 20-inch freestyle bike features a highly rigid, lightweight, easily maneuverable frame.

It’s the perfect choice for beginners with 21 inch top tube. Its two-piece spindle cranks and single-speed drivetrain makes it suitable for riding, and its aluminum u-brake ensures quick stopping.

It has an ergonomic chromo handlebar allows for simple mid-air movement and 2.4-inch smooth-rolling tires, enabling the user to accelerate at times.

Additionally, it comes with a unidirectional headset that guarantees the best steering. It also comes with a five-year warranty and one-year coverage for parts.

Mongoose Legion L100 BMX Bike(Riders Height 5’8″ plus)

The Mongoose Legion L100 is another adult freestyle BMX by Mongoose, which is a good fit for riders at least 5’8 inches tall.

This bike is built to tackle the heavy falls and jumps since it’s made for it. It’s maneuverable, boasting a compact, light frame, and chrome handlebar.

It also has a headset with a threadless design for effortless steering. The 21-inch-wide top tube helps make it more extensive and more comfortable, and it has aluminum solid brakes to ensure quick stopping.

The rims are double-wall, which gives it solid construction, while its 2.4-inch tires encourage fast rolling. Although BMX is popular with males, anybody who fits can use it.

Elite Bike BMX 20″ BMX Bike (Best Riders in the 4’0″ 5’10” – 4’0″)

If you’re not tall but want a high-quality freestyle bike, it is impossible to get it wrong by choosing this Elite BMX Bicycle 20″.

This little 20-inch beast will easily fit men of 4’0″ to 5’10”. It’s vital in construction due to its high-ten steel frame.

It features a 20-inch top tube, making it more comfortable for adults of medium height. The u-brakes allow for a smooth stopping, and the bike has pegs on both wheels for simple freestyling. The bike is equipped with a pump that makes it easy to pump, and the saddle can be adjusted to fit the height of the adult.

Other notable features include:

  • Strong 20-inch wheels.
  • Lightweight plastic platform pedals.
  • A high-ten steel bar.
  • Smooth rolling 2.5-inch tires.

Redline Bicycles MX-20 BMX BIke (Riders Height 5’3″ – 5’8″0

Bicycles from Redline MX-20 are specially designed for adults between 5’3″ or 5’8″ tall. It’s not one for six-foot people, but rather the middle height.

The adult BMX bike has an aluminum alloy frame that is not just lighter but also stiffer. This makes it an excellent option for those who race instead of freestyle.

This redline BMX comes with a race saddle and an all-in-one crank that allows users to run. It’s made of high-quality materials and has a minimalist layout that is comfortable to ride and less costly to maintain.

The Redline Bicycles MX-20 is generally an excellent option for women and men.

How Can Adults Ride Safely 20-inch Bikes for BMX?

Although a 20-inch BMX may not be the perfect size for adults, There are some ways you can increase your safety while riding. They include:

Wearing the appropriate safety BMX Gear

If you’re determined to ride a BMX, mainly when you’ve never attempted, it is essential to use the proper safety biking equipment. That includes riding boots, elbow pads, shin protectors, cycling gloves, and helmets.

The helmet is especially essential to wear since it lowers the risk of being injured in the head when you crash.

It is possible to purchase ILM’s adult ATV from ILM. BMX Helmet that is DOT-certified, which will keep you in good health.

Take it slow on the bike.

In general, you’re more likely to get injured or crash yourself if you go more quickly than those who ride slower. Therefore, if you wish to improve your safety, take your time and ride more slowly.

Use every trick with extreme diligence to ensure you don’t get it wrong, particularly when trying an entirely new technique.

Stand Up Frequently

The BMX seats aren’t high because of a reason which is to give the user more space to maneuver, especially during tricks in mid-air.

Also, the seat has been designed low, which gives an area of contact and avoids injuries to the groin region. So, you’re likely to be standing most of the time. Therefore, it is recommended to do so.

People Also Have Questions

1. Can adults ride a 20-Bike BMX?

A 20-inch BMX may not be the best dimensions for adults; however, several 20-inch BMX bikes can be used by adults. It is essential to think about a higher top tube, approximately 21-inches long, since that means a larger frame.

2. Can Adults Ride 20 ” Bikes?

Adults can ride 20-inch bikes as long as the frame’s dimensions and the top tube length align with their height. The 20-inch bikes work best for adults of medium size who are less than 6 feet.

However, some options include BMX allows for adults with six feet.

3. Which Size BMX Can Adults Riding?

Adults require BMX bikes with an upper tube length of at least 21 inches. A top tube 21 inches long is suitable for riders at or above five feet eight” tall. The more extended the tube, the larger the frame and the likelihood that the BMX will fit adults.

4. Can adults ride 24″ BMX Bikes?

Adults can ride 24 inches BMX bikes. The majority of 24-inch BMX bikes fit riders between 142-168 cm. Be aware that the length of the top tube is more important in determining the size of BMX bicycles than the size of the wheel.

Therefore, any BMX with a top tube at least 21 inches long will work for most adults who are 5’8″ and up.

5. Can adults ride BMX Bikes?

The BMX bikes don’t have age restrictions, so there’s no reason why adults shouldn’t use them if they discover the right fit.

The most important is finding a BMX for adults to use frames and top tubes.

6. What age is a 20-inch Bike for BMX?

A 20-inch BMX bike is usually the best for kids aged 5 to over 13 years old and even for some adults.

In the end, the choice is based on the age and length of the top tube, as seen on the following BMX dimensions chart.

Overall, the decision depends on the age and the top tube length, as shown in this BMX size chart.

Rider’s Age Top Tube Length (Inches) Frame Size
Up to 5 years Less than 18.0″ Micro Mini
5-7 years 18.0″ Mini
8-10 years 18.0-18.5″ Junior
10-13 years 19.0-20.0” Expert
13 years + 20.5″ + Pro

Can adults ride 20-inch BMX Bikes? Last Thought

Adults can indeed ride BMX bikes, even if the rule does not apply to most BMX bikes. It’s crucial to choose the 20-inch BMX, whose frames and top tubes are enough for an adult’s height. Of course, the bike must be able to support the weight of an adult.

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