Do BMX Bikes Have Brakes? (Quick Answer!)

Do BMX Bikes Have Brakes? (Quick Answer!)
Do BMX Bikes Have Brakes? (Quick Answer!)

The terms fixed gear and single speed are commonly employed interchangeably in the context of bicycle motocross(BMX) because they refer to one particular gear. Which one is the best description of BMX? Do BMX bikes fixed gear, or are they merely single-speed bikes?

The answer is yes. Bikes for BMX aren’t have fixed gears. They are single-gear since they come with a freewheel that allows coasting. This is free-rolling that happens when you are they aren’t pedaling. Fixed-gear bikes typically do not have a freewheel, and because of this, they aren’t able to coast.

In the end, the freewheel on a BMX allows you to coast but also implies that you’re not in total control over the bike. Therefore, brakes are crucial.

In the case of fixed gear bikes, also known as fixes (which BMX bikes are not), The absence of a freewheel implies that the rear wheel ceases to spin whenever you rotate. As a result, brakes aren’t necessary. They are only an option.

This article will discuss the differences between the two gear systems and their similarities.

Let’s get started:

What is the Fixed Gear Bicycle?

A fixed-gear bicycle or fixie is a bike that only has one gear in the drivetrain. The gear is typically fixed to wheels on the back. It is not equipped with freewheel mechanisms since the cog is connected to the hub and rotates when the rear wheel turns.

The entire setup implies that you must pedal to allow your bike to turn, as you cannot cruise (freely to roll). The advantage is that brakes aren’t needed. The bike slows and stops eventually after you stop pedaling.

If you wish for the bike to stop, you must stop pedaling and bring your feet toward the ground. When you place your feet on the floor, your bike is stopped.

In general, fixies lack components since they do not have shifters or cranksets, derailers, and, most of the time, brakes.

What is a Single Speed Bike?

As the name suggests, single-speed bikes have only one (one) gear and are like fixed gear. The main difference is that single-speed bikes come with a freewheel, the most crucial difference.

Freewheels allow you to coast as the rear wheel will rotate even when your pedals stop. To facilitate this, bikes are equipped to complete with brakes (especially hand brakes on most BMX one-speed bicycles) because the bike can’t stop when it stops pedaling.

We do not only have single-gear BMX and track bikes, but we also have single-gear track bikes and jump bikes.

Fixed Gear Vs. Single Speed

Now that we’ve established the difference between fixed and single gears, let’s look at the differences between them.

Below are the elements that separate the single-speed and Fixed gear bicycles apart


Single-speed bikes come with a braking system, just like every other bike with a gear. This is useful in situations where you’d like to reduce speed and slow the bicycle to a halt. Most single-speed BMX bikes are equipped with hand brakes that work well.

Brakes aren’t required for fixings, as you can stop your bike with your feet and then stop pedaling. If you wish to stop the bike from coming to the point of stopping, you will need to slow down the speed of your pedals and put your feet down on the ground.

It is worth noting that certain states and nations prohibit fixings with no breaks. These include New York and the U.K.

Ability to Coast

Costing is the wheel’s movement in the rear while not in motion. Fixed gears don’t have freewheels, which means you can’t coast. You must pedal continuously to maintain the speed of your bike. It’s not good, particularly if you have an injured knee.

However, single-speed bikes permit coasting because of the freewheel. The freewheel helps back wheels to keep moving even when you stop to pedal.

Bicycle Control

Fixies aren’t equipped with brakes, meaning you’ll be riding with complete control. Additionally, you will need to push the bike to move, which can be exhausting.

Stopping the bike is difficult because of the absence of brakes. A fixie is not an ideal choice for beginners.

However, most single-speed bikes come with hand brakes, which give you the most stopping power, as every other bike that is geared.

Speed of Cycling

A fixie doesn’t have the freewheel, and you can’t coast with it. This means you must keep pedaling for your bike to get moving.

It will stop if you are tired and unable to pedal your bike.

However, a single-speed allows for coasting, meaning you don’t need to pedal constantly. This saves energy and lets you accelerate when you choose to pedal.

Exercise for the Body

Since fixed gears don’t have freewheels, you need much more power to cycle. As you can see, you must continue pedaling to get that bike’s movement. That means you will use more energy when riding fixed bikes, which is ideal for those looking to get an intense workout for their entire body.

Single-speed bikes, on the other hand, permit coasting, which means the bike can move around without a lot of pedaling. This means that you don’t need the same energy as using a fixie, but it’s not as effective in promoting the entire body exercise.

The advantage is that exercises are less demanding, making them suitable for older people.

Table Summary of Single Speed Vs Fixed Gear

Fixed Gear Single-speed 
Braking Brakes are not necessary (may be present or not) Brakes are necessary
Coasting ability It does not allow coasting Allows coasting
Bike control You enjoy full bike control You don’t have complete bike control
Speed Not as fast as single-speed Faster than fixie
Body Workouts Allows full-body workout Less body workout as it allows coasting

Similarities Between a Fixed Gear and A Single Speed Bike

Although they share a few aspects that distinguish them, however, they share the following things in common:

  • Lighter 

Both bikes are light because they have fewer parts, unlike regular bikes. A bike with a lighter weight will use less energy to move and is usually transportable.

  • Maintenance

The reduced components in these bikes mean they will need less maintenance to ensure running.

A lack of specific components also implies that there will be slight wear and tear, meaning you’re likely to save money on repair and maintenance.

Most of the time, you have to grease them and keep the tire pressure up, and you’re ready to go.

  • Fun Ride

Do you often think about why single-speed and fixed-gear bikes are always in demand? It’s because riding them is enjoyable. They let you get as close as you can as a rider can dream of.

 In Summary: Are BMX Bikes Fixed gear or single speed?

Based on the distinctions between fixed gears and single-speed, there is no doubt the fact that BMX bikes have a single-speed. It is possible to conclusively say that they are single-speed since they feature a freewheel that allows coasting and requires brakes.

In addition, the freewheel facilitates rapid rolling, which makes BMX bikes much faster than other bikes with similar gears.

The Exemption

Although BMX bikes typically have a single-speed, some custom models include fixed gears. Therefore, purchasing a fixed-gear BMX is possible when you ask for it from the manufacturer you want to buy from.

Single Speed vs. Fixed Gear Bikes: Which Best Meets Your Needs?

It is important to consider three main factors when purchasing bikes. It is the terrain you’d like to ride on, the style of riding you prefer, and the budget.

If you’re seeking a bike you have total control over, one can be used to exercise and burn off some calories. Then it would help if you opted for an e-bike.

One solution that matches the descriptions is the SixKU track fixed gear bicycle (Check the item on Amazon).

This bike is among Amazon’s top sellers due to reasons. It’s a low-cost option and is available in various sizes to fit those of different sizes.

If your ideal bike is one that you can use for commutes easily, that doesn’t cause you to be exhausted because you don’t have to pedal for hours at a time and stops effortlessly, then you can’t be disappointed with a single-speed bike.

This is the place BMX bikes can help. A good example can be found in one of the Mongoose Legion Mag Fr e style BMX (Check on Amazon). The single speed BMX is robust and comes with U-shape hand brakes that provide an easy stoppage.

FAQs on BMX Bikes as well as Fixed Gear

Is BMX Bikes Fixed Gears?

No! BMX bikes do not have fixed gears. This is due to the freewheel, which allows the bike to coast even when not pedaling. But BMX bikes are single-speed.

Do BMX Bikes come with gears?

Yes! BMX bikes are equipped with a single gear, hence the single speed. But, it is essential to note that they have only one piece of equipment, meaning there isn’t any shifting.

The single gear in BMX bikes is sufficient to give you maximum speed, particularly on shorter rides.

Are BMX bikes difficult to ride?

No! It is possible to ride a BMX bike like other standard bicycles. The only drawback is riding the BMX for long periods or at a high speed since this bike does not allow the shifting of gears.

Why are fixed gear bikes So Popular?

Fixed-gear bicycles are in high demand due to some reasons. They require minimum or no maintenance since they have fewer moving parts. In addition, they are the ideal choice for those on a budget since they are more affordable than the other bike types.

Can I ride an Uphill Bike with a Single Speed?

It’s a challenging task to take on a single-speed bicycle uphill. It requires a lot of effort and could be exhausting, too. A single-speed bike has only one gear. It is necessary to shift gears to go uphill. This is why these bikes work best for smoother roads.

In conclusion, our Bikes for BMX Fixed Gear?

The above guide is well-detailed, and the rationale behind why BMX bikes have a single speed and not fixed gears. The single gear permits you to ride at a lower speed. Therefore you’ll feel more at ease riding this bike than the other types of bikes.

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