Best Street Legal Dirt Bikes Reviewed | Best Dirt Bike Brands

Best Street Legal Dirt Bikes Reviewed | Best Dirt Bike Brands
Best Street Legal Dirt Bikes Reviewed | Best Dirt Bike Brands

If you’re planning to take to the streets on dirt bikes, the primary factor to consider is whether you can legally ride it. With the numerous choices, what are some of the top street-legal dirt bikes?

To allow every dirt bicycle to be considered street-legal, it must be equipped with headlights, DOT tires, tail lights, brake lights, and mirrors. In certain states, your dirt bike may have turn indicators.

Keep an eye on this page as I’ll explain why your dirt bike requires all these features. I will also offer thorough reviews of the top dirt bikes for street use by manufacturers.

But what happens if you own an ultra moto dirt bike? Do you have the ability to convert it into a street-legal dual-sport dirt bike? Let me explain that as well.

Let’s get started!

Are all Dirt Bikes Road-Compatible?

The answer is simple: NO! Although you can find decent street-legal dirt bikes, they are primarily for off-road. Other models, however, aren’t on-road or off-road alternatives. These are the ones that test your skills and ability to navigate technical obstacles.

Some dirt bikes are easily transformed to fulfill the criteria of use on the road, as we’ll see in the coming days. But it’s essential to know that it’s less expensive to purchase a road-compliant dirt bike rather than convert it.

What is a street legal Dirt Bike?

A road-compliant dirt bike, one that has knobby tires. They are typically registered and plated to be used on roads for public use.

The dual-sport bike can be described as one of the most well-known dirt bikes. As the name suggests, “dual” is a term that can be used for two reasons: off-road and on-road.

Here are the prerequisites for a dirt bicycle to become legal for street use.

  • Headlights give you visibility while riding in low lighting or at night. They also ensure you’re secure, as other drivers can see you on the roads.
  • Tires DOT To be clear, all street-legal dirt found in the US must bear at least the Department of Transportation mark on its tires. The effect is proof which proves the tires are road-safe and comply with the Department of Transportation’s safety requirements.
  • Brake light – Lights for the brake on motorcycles can be helpful when you need to speed up. Make it clear that you’re not the only person on the roads. This is why the brake light signals motorists and other motorists that you are slowing down. This is why it has to be working and in good order.
  • Tail light – Never confuse a tail light with brake lights. Both serve different functions. A brake light informs drivers behind that you are slowing down, while a tail light can make your dirt bike more visible to other motorists riding alongside you.
  • Mirror A dirt bike with a street-legal license must also include mirrors. Mirrors provide an improved view of the road ahead. In addition, as the annual traffic report states, most accidents are caused by an unreliable or damaged mirror. It’s, therefore, a must-have when you’re on the road.

Top Street Legal Dirt Bikes

As there are plenty of dirt bikes street-legal, we’ll reduce the options down to the top choices below:

1. Yamaha Street Legal Dirt Bikes

If you are looking for fun dirt bikes that double as dual sport, Yamaha has many outstanding options for you to pick from. Also, if you are beginning your journey and want to learn, you are assured that you will get the most street-legal dirt bikes for novices.

The top options are:


  • TW200

The TW200 dual-sport bike by Yamaha is a dirt bike for beginners. Bike for beginners. This dirt bike has the lowest seat, letting you put your feet in the dirt.

It also has low power, making it simple to ride for new people but, more importantly, it’s tolerant when you make mistakes.

Its engine is 4-stroke and has an engine size of 196cc. It’s also very light because it weighs 278lbs. It comes with five speeds, which is ideal for beginners.

  • Yamaha XT250

We’re not all beginners. Some are even larger. Because of this, Yamaha XT250 is an excellent choice. Yamaha XT250 is slightly bigger than the regular bikes, is more powerful, and can be used by taller riders well.

  • Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250R is a dual-sport dirt bike designed for athletes and professionals who require more power. They can also be used off-road, but they have the drawback of being heavy.

The engine’s capacity is 4 stroke with a capacity of 250cc.

One thing that makes this bike different from other dirt bikes is the adjustable rear shock with a 6-speed motor.

2. Honda Dual Sport Dirt Bikes

Honda was the only dirt street bike back in the day (Honda the XR650). Nowadays, there are many Honda twin sport bikes, and the most popular include:

  • Honda CRF450L

Are you a short intermediate or a beginner? No bike fits you more than Honda’s CRF450L. This dirt bike has excellent performance and features a 6-gear transmission.

It’s a 4-stroke motor with the motor’s capacity of 499cc. It weighs 291 pounds.

  • Honda XR650L

If you’re looking for one that can win in both directions (on-road and off-road), The Honda XR650L is a good choice. It ticks both boxes. Since its introduction in 1992, it’s grown in popularity and is a king in both worlds.

The dirt bike features an extremely stiff suspension that can withstand road-related impacts, giving you a thrilling riding experience on off-road and freeway trails. It’s a four-stroke model with a capacity of 644cc. Its only disadvantage is its weight of 346lbs, making the bike heavy.

3. Suzuki Dual Sport Dirt Bikes

Suzuki has the finest-designed twin sport dirt bike. The most excellent Suzuki Dual Sport bikes are:

  • Suzuki DR-Z400SM 

The top-of-the-line Suzuki twin sport motorcycle is the Suzuki DR-Z400SM. It is a dirt bike with 4 stroke engine and 398cc of motor capacity.

While it’s priced at an affordable price, It weighs 322lbs. This is a lot when compared with other bikes of various brands. Because of this, it’s not the best choice for beginner riders.

  • Suzuki DR200S

If you’re a beginner looking to buy a Suzuki bike and want to learn about the sport, then this DR200S dirtbike is to choose. The other benefit is that it’s affordable.

4. Kawasaki Dual Sport Dirt Bikes

Kawasaki is another well-known name in the dirt bike market. Here are some amazing, sturdy, long-lasting dirt bikes that are dual sport:

  • KLR650

If you’re looking for a reliable dirt bike with dual-sport capabilities, the Kawasaki KLR650 meets the description. It’s powered by an impressive 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 652cc. While it’s not light (weighing 432.1 lbs), it’s hard to overlook its durability and sturdy construction.

  • Kawasaki KLX 220

If you’re searching for a Kawasaki basic dirt bike, you must not look beyond the KLX 230. The dual-sport motorcycle comes with a 4-stroke engine and an engine size of 233cc.

It’s also light, given that it weighs just 293 pounds.

Other Brands

Other large brands with high-quality dual sport bikes are KTM and Husqvarna. A few of the KTM road-legal dirt bikes include:

  • KTM 350EXC-F
  • Husqvarna FE 350S

Converting your Dirt Bike to be Road-compliant

You are permitted dual registration in certain states or even convert your dirt bike to street legal. In your situation, you’ll require an authorization plate before converting your bike to use on roads.

After you have obtained the license, you can convert the tires to make them road-compliant. You can include a taillight, headlight, brake light, and mirror.

However, sometimes it could mean you spend more than what you could pay for a road-compliant e-bike. Therefore, before taking this option, you should do some calculations.


1. What are the street legal Dirt Bikes?

A legal dirt bike does not require more power. Thus, dirt bikes with smaller wheels are the best choice as they are easy to control and ride around.

The best street lawful dirt bikes include:

  • Yamaha TW200
  • Yamaha XT250
  • Honda CRF450L
  • Honda XR650L
  • Suzuki DR200S
  • Kawasaki KLX230

3. What are the Top Street Legal Dirt Bikes for 2000?

If you’re trying to stay within your budget, there are decent street-legal dirt bikes that cost less than $2,000, like:

  • Honda CRF50F (2020 edition)
  • Yamaha TT-R50E (2019 edition)
  • KTM SX 50 Pro (2015 edition)

3. Is Supermoto a Street Legal Dirt Bike?

Supermoto dirt bikes don’t necessarily mean that it’s street-legal. Certain states permit changing your SupermotoSupermoto to a street-legal dirt bike.

Closing Notes

Below is a comprehensive list of the top street-legal dirt bikes. It is a great resource to locate a street legal dirt bike that meets the needs of your budget. As mentioned, there are many street-legal dirt bikes. This gives you a lot of choices in acquiring one.

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