Is Redline BMX a Good BMX Bike Brand? (Redline BMX Buyers Guide!)

Is Redline BMX a Good BMX Bike Brand? (Redline BMX Buyers Guide!)
Is Redline BMX a Good BMX Bike Brand? (Redline BMX Buyers Guide!)
The best BMX bike is often dependent on picking the right brand. You’re never going to go wrong with a top brand, and that’s precisely where US BMX bike manufacturer Redline Bicycles comes in. But is Redline a reliable BMX bike? Redline is irrefutably a good BMX bike brand given that it’s top quality and performance-oriented, thus reliable at a professional level. Redline BMX bikes are also available in various styles and series to accommodate a wide range of riders.
Whether you’re an expert at stunts or racing, a dirt jumper, or just a general biker, the Redline BMX bike is right and is perfect for you. It’ll assist you in finding it.I’ll cover all 4 BMX series (race, block, freestyle, and big-bike options) for you to select the one that best suits your needs. I’ll also offer suggestions to suit the different styles.Let’s first examine the background of Redline, and then we’ll discuss why Redline is an excellent BMX bike.

Need to get your bike in order? Take a look at four of the most popular Redline BMX bikes on the list below:

4 Best Redline Bikes

  1. Redline Recon (View on Amazon) The best for freestyling
  2. Redline Rival (View on Amazon) The best choice for casual riding around town.
  3. MX ExpertXL (View at Amazon) It is the best for racing
  4. Redline PL-26 (View on Amazon) The best to use for dirt-jumping and the cruising

About Redline Bicycles

Redline Bicycles, originally Redline BMX, is an American bike manufacturer specializing in BMX bicycles. The company was established in 1970 in Chatsworth, California, by BMX experts Mike Konle and Linn Kastan.

Redline produces BMX bikes. However, they make other bikes and have separate bicycle parts and clothing lines.

Fascinatingly, Redline Bicycles started as a Chromoly motorcycle swing arms and frames producer in 1970. But in 1973, Kastan was thinking of creating a bike frame to give his son for Christmas as a present.

His son was so thrilled that he began competing in the BMX and was recognized through Pedalers West, an LA-based bike shop. Pedalers

West demanded Kastan to create strong and lighter frames for 20 inch BMX race bicycle frame, also known as Squareback, and he accomplished it.

In 1977, Redline released the popular Proline race series aimed at professional BMX racers. In 1988, Kastan sold the business to Seattle Bike Supply (SBS), and the new owner relocated the head office to Kent, Washington.

The first SBS production was the mountain bicycle in 1989. It was followed by it was a road bike the next year. SBS was later purchased by the Netherlands bicycle brand ACCEL at the end of 2006, and it is part of an investment firm based in California called Regent LP.

What makes Redline a Great BMX Bicycle Brand?

Many reasons are what make Redline a unique BMX brand. They include:

1. Top Quality Products

There’s a reason Redline is a popular choice for professional BMX riders. It’s because the bikes are of high quality.

Redline Bicycles is a discerning selection of bicycle frames and prioritizes components like Chromoly steel or aluminum to ensure solid and long-lasting bikes. Redline Bicycles is also renowned for using Chromoly 3-piece cranks that are highly durable and reliable.

It’s also easy to see the quality of BMX bikes by looking at the double-wall rims, modernized geometry, high-ten handles, and cushioned seats.

They also have engineered head tubes and closed bottom brackets that promise longevity. Therefore the bikes of the brand offer quality for the price, which you would want as a professional cyclist.

2. Performance-Oriented BMX

Redline BMX bikes are competitive due to their general design and quality. For instance, the race Redline BMX bike has lightweight yet sturdy frames that allow you to race.

Freestyle bikes, however, are equipped with more robust frames that are nearly indestructible to stand up to the rigors of daily use. Many of them have dual suspensions, which is not typical in BMX bikes, to protect you from the hard blows.

Also, Redline bikes promise an edge over the competition, making Redline bikes the most influential street performers.

3. Style Variety

Redline Bicycles stocks a variety of bikes that will appeal to the needs of a wide range of BMX riders. Racers who are serious can choose Redline Race Series, freestylers can choose Redline Race Series, and freestylers can choose Redline Freestyle Series. Redline Freestyle Series.

On the other hand, bike enthusiasts who aren’t experienced can take through the Redline Block around town, while trail and dirt jumper riders can ride in the Redline Big-Bike Series.

Size Variety

Redline BMX bicycles are available in various sizes to accommodate riders of different experience and heights. There are Redline 24 inches BMX bikes, as well as other models.

Here is a chart of the sizes they use on the BMX bikes:

The Rider’s height

Racing BMX

Freestyle BBMX

Block BMX

Big Bike
Under 4’4″ Proline Micro
4’2″-4’6″ Proline/MX Mini Rival Raid
4’6″-5’1″ Proline/MX Junior Recon Roam
5’0″-5’4″ Proline/MX Expert Romp
5’2″-5’6″ Proline/MX Expert Proline/MX Expert The Asset Random Asset is 24 Monocog 29 PL-26 SQB-26 RL-27
5’3″-5’8″ Proline Pro/MX-20
5’7″-6’0″ Proline Pro-XL
6’0″+ Proline Pro-XXL

Redline Bike Range BMX

At present, Redline Bicycles stocks the following BMX styles that are aimed at various BMX customers:

Redline Freestyle BMX Bikes

Redline Freestyle BMX bicycles have been designed to perform stunts on streets and skating parks, trails in the local area, and tracks. They are available in the following designs:

  • Redline Romp The Romp is the perfect beginner BMX bike for riding to skate parks or local trails. It’s smaller and lighter, allowing you to perform moves efficiently.
  • Redline Asset It’s a 20/24 inch freestyle BMX bicycle that promises to do it all. Its unbreakable Chromoly steel frame can rip the roads, trails, and skate parks.
  • Redline Random The Random is what you’ll need on rough paths and roads. The 20-inch BMX bike is ideal for those 4’5″-5’7″ tall.
  • Redline Recon The Recon is a user-friendly BMX bike that can be used for wheelies, jumps, and other street stunts. This bike promises to take over the streets thanks to its micro-gearing system, making it the top Redline freestyle bike for BMX.

Redline Block Bike BMX

Redline’s Redline Block Series is for daily riding through the city. This series is not designed for competition but leisure cycling, particularly for those looking for something easy to ride around the town.

The BMX bikes are available in sizes from 16 to 26 to accommodate various riders. This Block Series features these BMX designs:

  • The Redline Roam The Roam is 20 inches race-inspired, casual riding BMX ideal for kids of all ages to ride on roads, pavements, and sidewalks.
  • Redline Rival Redline Rival The Rival is a BMX 20 inches wide with a laidback style, making it ideal for casual riding around town. It is distinguished by its Monster full-padded bike saddle and park-ready tires.

Redline Racing BMX Bikes

Although the Redline Block is designed to take a leisurely ride around town, The Redline Race Series is about speed. All BMX riders are available in different styles, ranging from entry-level to professional-level.

So, whether you’re an experienced racer or an adrenaline-loving person seeking a thrilling adventure, You can’t be wrong when you ride the Redline racing bike.

Here are the styles available:

  • Redline MX Junior, It’s the MX Junior is an out-of-box race-ready 20-inch BMX bike ideal for kids between 6 and 9 years old. It’s an all-purpose race bike that kids will love riding.
  • Redline MX-20 This MX-20 is a race-ready 20-inch out-of-box BMX suitable for 5’3″-5’8″ large. It has a strong, lightweight frame that’s easily maneuverable and allows for fast riding.
  • Redline MX-24: The MX-24 is a race-ready 24 inches out-of-box BMX bike with similar specs to the MX-20. The only difference is the size of the wheels.
  • Redline MX Expert, The MX Expert, is another 20-inch BMX racer designed to target experienced 60-64 inches tall riders. It’s movable and fast due to its sturdy, lightweight frame and pivotal-race saddle.
  • Redline MX-Expert MX-Expert has the same specs as the MX-Expert but has a longer top tube. It is more slouchy in its geometry which allows it to be more comfortable for larger riders and is the most suitable overall.

Other (Redline Proline Series)

Redline also has the Proline Race Series, which is available in all frame sizes (from Micro and Min all the way to Pro-Xl and the Pro-XXL). This Proline series is generally renowned for its sturdy Chromoly iron frame and aluminum cranks.

This line of bikes is light and stiff, making it ready to race right out of the box.

Redline Big Bike BMX

Redline Big Bike Series Redline Big Bike Series is designed for people who want to do some laps around the community and perhaps try a few wheelies. The bikes in question are people referred to as dirt jumpers, and they are akin to hardtail MTBs however they’re single-speed.

They are available in 26-inches, 27.5-inch, as well as 29-inch styles and, are available in the following models:

  • Redline SQB 26 The SQB-26 is a vintage-style BMX bike with 26-inch wheels influenced by an original BMX Squareback model. It’s an excellent option for local rap.
  • Redline RL-275 The RL-275 is the 27.5-inch adult cruiser BMX bicycle ideal for city cruising and exploring the beach. It’s the perfect choice to run around town for errands.
  • Redline Monocog 29 It’s the Monocog 29 is a 29-inch single-speed MTB-style BMX suitable for local trails and pavements. It’s a bike that the tallest riders can use.
  • Redline PL-26 The PL-26 is a light 26-inch cruiser BMX bike that is ideal for cruising around town and exploring. It leads the pack chase for the Redline 26 Inch BMX Bikes category.

People Also Have Questions

Is Redline a good BMX Brand?

Redline has been manufacturing high-end and focused-on-performance BMX bikes for years. They also produce a handful of top-quality casual bikes that are part of their block series. Also, Redline is a good BMX bicycle brand and is all about high-quality bikes.

How Much is the Redline BMX Bicycle Worth?

Redline race BMX bikes are priced between $465 and $675, and freestyle bikes are priced between $320 and $595. Bikes with Big-Bike technology tend to be the most expensive, ranging between $825-$850. The cheapest bike model is Redline Block BMX, retailing for $320-$370. Redline Block BMX, which is priced between $320 and $370.

What is a Redline bike?

Redline is an American bicycle company mainly producing freestyle and race BMX bikes. Besides BMX bicycles, Redline offers other types of bikes like MTBs or city bikes.

Where Are Redline Bikes Produced?

The Redline BMX bikes are manufactured in Mexico. The company’s headquarters is, however, located in the United States.

Is Redline a good BMX Bike Brand? Ending Remarks!

The Redline BMX bikes are built with top-of-the-line specifications and performance. They’re made to take on the streets with a vengeance and come in different size frames. Finding the perfect fit makes Redline BMX stand out from the other BMX brands is just a matter of finding the perfect fit.

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