Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand? (Quick Answer!)

Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand? (Quick Answer!)
Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand? (Quick Answer!)

Founded in 2006, Subrosa promises to take you through time within the realm of Bicycle Motocross (BMX). While it’s not the most well-known brand because of its infancy, its popularity grows daily. However, do Subrosa BMX bikes of the highest quality?

Subrosa BMX bicycles are great as they come in different designs to meet the needs of BMX riders at all levels. They also come in various sizes, have high-quality frames and excellent geometry, and are stylish and cost-effective.

Therefore, they will satisfy all the boxes when you’re looking for a high-quality BMX bike made by a reliable manufacturer that doesn’t need all your money to purchase.

But it doesn’t mean that they’re the best BMX bikes. There is no way to prove it neither is any BMX bike manufacturer.

Like all BMX bike makers, Subrosa faces a few negatives, which I’ll discuss in this Subrosa BMX bicycle review. Before we get started, we’ll discuss the brief history of the brand.

In a rush, check out the best Subrosa BMX bikes on the hotlist below:

The 7 Best Subrosa BMX Bikes


  1. Subrosa Sono: Best Entry-level Subrosa BMX Bike
  2. Subrosa Altus: Best Budget Subrosa BMX Bike
  3. Salvador Park: Most Lightweight Subrosa BMX Bike
  4. Subrosa Malum: Most Versatile Subrosa BMX Bike
  5. Subrosa Novus The Most high-end Subrosa BMX Bike
  6. It is the Subrosa Letum: Best for Big Guys
  7. Subrosa Tiro The Best to use for tall Riders


Brand The Story of the Brand

Subrosa is a BMX brand established in 2006 by two elite BMX riders, Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner. Ryan was a child who rode BMX bikes for amusement, while Ron was a specialist in the design of BMX brands. He was previously employed for Shadow Conspiracy and UGP.

They met, and the friendship that led to an entrepreneurial partnership was formed the same day. They aimed to develop dirt and street riding bikes that were less expensive than the currently available bikes yet of good quality for professional riders and pros.

According to Ryan, the pieces they create are difficult to replicate, which is why their huge popularity and rapid expansion.

The two inventors are determined to create and launch an innovative product every year that is better than the earlier models. Their strengths are being creative, making their bikes distinctive, and taking advantage of the idea of affordability.

What makes Subrosa BBMX Bikes Great?

My main argument is that Subrosa bikes are great, and there are good reasons for the same are outlined below:

1. Everything is About Style Variety

The brand makes bikes suitable for all beginners, youngsters, pros, or beginner riders. The most appealing thing is that each design is geared toward a particular group of riders.

For instance, the Subrosa Sono is an entry option, whereas the Subrosa Novus is a pro-level option. The bigger riders can opt for Subrosa Letum, for example. Subrosa Letum, as tall riders, is likely to prefer the Subrosa Tiro more comfortably.

Apart from the four family designs, Subrosa makes the Altus, Park, and Malum I’ll go over in greater detail later.

2. Size Variation in Full Effect

Subrosa does not just produce BMX motorcycles suitable for those with different skills or levels of experience. They also offer bikes in a variety of sizes.

This means that children, teens, and adults can discover their corresponding BMX bikes and take them for rides.

Here’s a sizing chart that Subrosa uses for its complete bikes.

Wheel Size (In) Age (Years) Rider’s Height (In)
14” 4-5 36-44”
16” 3-7 38-44”
18” 5-9 42-52”
20” 7+ 48-52”
22” 10+ 56-66”+
26” 15+ 56-66”+


Based on the sizing guideline, It’s evident that children can ride 14-inch and 16-inch, 18 and 20-inch along with some 22-inch Subrosa bikes, based on their height and age.

Adults, however, will discover 26-inch, 22, and possibly a few 20-inch suitable, depending on their height.

3. Frame Quality is an Important Factor

One reason that supports Subrosa’s rapid rise is the high quality of the bike’s frame. Subrosa utilizes high-quality, 100% high-ten steel or Chromoly steel on their bikes to ensure that they are durable, resistant to fatigue, robust, stable, and long-lasting.

It’s a good thing. The most significant part is that maintenance isn’t complex. It’s all about staying clear of rust, and the frame should live up to its time.

4. Good Geometry at Its Best

Subrosa differentiates the BMX bikes from other models by offering bikes with a tall stand-over to increase their stability, wider dropouts to give you more space to get to back wheel access, and elevated bottom brackets to provide additional pop.

5. The Looks are All in The Looks

These BMX bikes aren’t just physically impressive on the streets. They stand out by their appearance. They come with vibrant and unique designs to differentiate them from other brands. They also sport a sleek, perfect look that will last a long time.

6. The affordability of the check

Subrosa bikes are typically inexpensive. BMX bikes cost as low as $389.99, and you can buy the Subrosa Altus.

The majority of bikes are priced at less than $650. However, the family Subrosa Novus is the most expensive line, which is priced at $1,199. Also, aside from the Novus, which is geared towards pro BMX riders, Other bike models are reasonably priced.

7. The disadvantages

Although Subrosa’s strengths are apparent, some of the company’s negatives are worth mentioning. These comprise:

  • Warranty for short-term use –Subrosa only provides a 30-day guarantee against manufacturing defects on the frames of its bikes and cranks. Forks, too, are covered for 30 days, most likely the most minimal I’ve ever seen. Complete bikes, on the other hand, offer a six-month frame and fork warranty that covers cracks and breakage and the other parts for 30 days.
  • A little heavy The HTML0 is a little heavierSubrosa’s most light bike is Salvador Park, which weighs 25.9 pounds. Other bikes range from 26 to 29 pounds, which could be somewhat heavy, considering that premium BMX bikes weigh between 22 and 25 pounds.

Subrosa Bike Range (Subrosa BMX Review)

Subrosa typically makes seven bicycles (or bicycle families) in the following manner:

  1. Sono
  2. Altus
  3. Salvador
  4. Malum
  5. Novus
  6. Let
  7. Tiro

Let’s talk about these.

Does the Subrosa Sono BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Sono is among Subrosa’s most popular entry bikes, specifically for adults who are just beginning. It’s also among the most affordable alternatives.

The bike has various wheel sizes in top tube widths and heights that accommodate multiple users. Overall, the bike is a minor improvement from the Altus because it features beginner-friendly professional-grade geometry. This is ideal for a beginner cyclist looking to move to professional riding.

Does the Subrosa Altus BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Altus is the most affordable BMX bike from Subrosa, suitable for entry-level riders, specifically children and adults with small bodies. While it’s an expensive entry-level bike, its construction quality is outstanding since it can withstand everyday use.

It comes with a solid frame and sturdy wheels to match. This means that Subrosa Altus is a good choice for beginners. Subrosa Altus is a good start for children who wish to take the road with a vengeance and prepare to compete in the BMX race.

Does the Subrosa Salvador BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Salva dor is Subrosa’s lightest BMX bike, weighing 25.9 pounds. It features Chromoly tubing with natural durability and a comfortable design with a low stand-over and a high.

This means you can take long distances on this bike since it’s very comfortable. It’s stunning and has a solid performance, and is lightweight.

Overall it’s among Subrosa’s top experts in BMX bikes, specifically for those with a limited budget.

Does the Subrosa Malum BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Malum can be described as Subrosa’s most flexible BMX bike. There’s absolutely nothing that can’t be done with Subrosa Malum. Subrosa Malum.

From park and street riding to dirt and trail races, Malum allows you to take on all kinds of activities. It is also possible to perform tricks with this BMX bike. It’s durable enough to take the roughest abuse, like heavy drops and hard hits.

The frame’s geometry allows you to shred the trails while offering stability and control with its longer chain stays.

Are Subrosa Novus BMX Bikes Good?

Subrosa Novus is Subrosa’s highest-end BMX bike, priced at less than $1200. It is the top option for experienced riders due to its nearly indestructible construction, as well as its high-end specifications and comfortable design, highlighted by a more significant top tube and an increased stand-over height.

Moving around, performing stunts, and facing various obstacles is also simple.

Are the Subrosa Letum BMX Bike Good?

The heavy riders can take Subrosa BMX bikes. The model leading the way can be found at the Subr Osa. It’s called the Let it. It’s also an excellent option for taller riders.

Overall this bike is among the largest, and due to its heavy weight, it ensures excellent stability and control, mainly when riding on roads.

The bike’s build quality is unrivaled, allowing it to withstand massive loads, and it is generally simple to maintain and use on any road or park.

Does the Subrosa Tiro BMX Bike Great?

Although Subrosa Letum can be a good option for taller riders, Subrosa Tiro gives taller riders more options, making it the perfect choice for riders who are 6 feet tall, as it’s available in sizes that go up to XXL.

In terms of size, Subrosa Tiro is a powerful bike to ride on the streets. It can handle a range of terrains and abrasions because of its virtually waterproof construction.

It’s incredibly comfortable to ride because of its enormous size and features such as saddles, high-quality seats, and responsive brakes.

People also ask

Is Subrosa a Good BMX Brand?

Subrosa may be a newer BMX brand; however, its commitment to creating affordable, high-quality BMX bikes for riders of all levels has helped to build its name. Subrosa is a good BMX brand to trust for the most reliable and high-quality BMX bikes.

Are Subrosa Bikes Good?

Subrosa bikes are nearly impervious to destruction. They have sturdy frames and high-end specifications that can withstand the rigors of regular abuse and usage.

The most significant problem is that BMX bikes are a little heavier; however, other than this, they’re high-quality bikes.

How Much Is a Subrosa BMX Worth?

There are many Subrosa BMX bikes for $449.99 between $449.99 and $659.99. You can also find some budget-friendly alternatives for $389.99 between $389.99 and $399.99 and top-of-the-line options for $1,199.99.

Where is Subrosa BBMX Bikes Produced?

Subrosa produces the majority of its bicycle frames in Taiwan.

Who is the Owner of Subrosa BMX?

Founding partners Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner have their own Subrosa Brand, the company behind Subrosa BMX.

In Conclusion: Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good?

Subrosa BMX bikes might be a bit shaky, which could be a problem, like being a little heavy and carrying a shorter warranty, but they have several advantages that make them great.

The bikes are sure not to disappoint, from their top-quality frames and specifications to their ergonomic geometry and excellent design.

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