What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Everything About BMX!

What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Everything About BMX!
What Are BMX Bikes Good for? Everything About BMX!

Are you searching for a bike that can do amazing tricks and stunts? Maybe you’ve heard about BMX bikes and are wondering, ‘what are BMX bikes useful to use?’

BMX bikes are indeed ideal for off-road racing, stunts, and stunts. They are also suitable for short trials, commuting, street riding, and mountain biking. You must, however, improve it to handle the various terrains easily.

This guide will give you more details about the functions of the BMX bike, the things they’re best for, and how you can modify them to accommodate various conditions. I will also address some questions that aren’t clear on the subject.

Let’s get started:

What are BMX bikes good for?

BMX bikes are made to be used for racing and stunts off-road. They have a more petite frame, a shorter wheelbase with a rigid geometry, and a lower overall height and are ideal for off-road racing, aggressive shorter rides, and stunts.

It’s important to note that BMX bikes aren’t ideal for racing long distances or everyday commutes. Suppose you don’t upgrade the bike. This is also costly.

Your mind BMX bicycles are ideal for shorter-distance rides and doing tricks.

Are BMX bikes good to commute on?

It is a fact that BMX bikes are not designed for long distance rides. As we’ve seen, BMX bikes come in smaller tire sizes, smaller standover heights, and smaller geometrically. This means the bikes won’t provide you with the best comfort while riding long distances.

If you’re an experienced rider, you’ll enjoy moving your legs out when taking long rides.

However, this isn’t the case with the BMX bike. They’re not designed to last long but for short trips and stunts.

They’re typically more enjoyable in a standing position, but this isn’t the case when you get to 3 or 4 miles.

A BMX bike that stands out even in shorter lengths of distance is the Schwinn Sting Predator. ( Go to Amazon).

This BMX features a shorter frame, which allows it to be used in various road conditions.

The Best Upgrades for Commuting the BMX

This doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a long ride with your preferred BMX. Just some upgrades and be ready to take to the road in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Here are the improvements you can create:

  • Installation of a Gear System

As you’re aware, BMX bikes have one gear. If you’d like it to take on long distances and be able to regulate speed, you must have 2 or 3 gears.

  • Rise Your Saddle

In addition, BMX bikes are better when ridden standing. But, if you intend to commute on it, you’ll be exhausted and uncomfortable when you ride long distances.

One method to address this issue is to elevate the waistline of your seat.

To ensure maximum comfort, you should improve the comfort of your BMX seat. Remember, riding long hours requires utmost comfort.

One comfortable saddle includes The Velmia Memory foam Bike Saddle (Check the item on Amazon). The saddle is made of an ergonomic design and comes with memory foam that cushions your butt and groin.

  • Make A Suspension

BMX bikes usually have no suspension. This gives you the maximum amount of power and speed when doing stunts.

If you’re looking for a BMX for long rides, you’ll need to install a suspension system onto your BMX.

This can help to reduce the impact of riding under challenging terrains, such as rough and rocky terrains. A suspension also gives you a better grip and lower pressure.

  • Switch Wheels

The BMX bikes have smaller wheel sizes, typically 20 to 24 inches. Therefore, to be suitable for off-road terrain, consider adding larger or larger wheels similar to those on mountain bikes.

However, it would help if you considered that it might not function properly because other bike parts are BMXs.

Are BMX Bikes suitable for Street Riding?

BMX isn’t just racing but also a freestyler that excels on the streets. They are available in rugged, durable designs and are lightweight to perform tricks and simple maneuvers.

However, you can use them both on streets of the suburban and urban areas.

One great BMX bike to enjoy riding in the city at any time will be Redline Bikes Rival Freestyle BMX (Check on Amazon). This freestyle BMX features a strong frame with 20 inches of wheels and powerful brakes that provide excellent speed control.

Another fantastic option that I consider my top choice bike that you can use in the street is the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX(Check on Amazon). The bike is robust, sturdy, and can take on streets without hassle.

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Are BMX bikes Good for trails?

BMX bicycles are indeed suitable for trail riding. However, it is dependent on the kind of trail. Most BMX bikes have a solid and sturdy build, making them ideal for jumping.

But as BMX is a sporty bike, it’s not without limits on its performance on trails. Because it’s a single-speed bike, it could injure the neck when you ride it over rugged terrains with holes and stones or when you must turn a lot.

Even if I believe in BMX doing well in trails, it’s more suitable for smoother trails.

Can you use a BBM to do Mountain Biking?

Yes! You can take your BMX bike to the mountains. However, there’s one caveat. It’s best to go to the hills if you’re an experienced cyclist, but you’ll not enjoy the ride when you’re a child cyclist or a beginner.

Additionally, BMX bikes have low seats and are more comfortable to ride standing, impacting your climbing endurance. You’ll likely exhaust yourself rapidly when standing.

Additionally, as these bikes are single-geared, it is necessary to change the speed and shift the gears constantly.

However, despite all the problems, it’s still possible to ride the BMX up the mountain. As we said, it is possible to do this by changing the gears and then elevating the post on your seat.

Are BMX bikes suitable for Cruising?

Suppose you’re in search of a bike that you can ride around on, avoid BMX bikes. What is the answer to whether BMX bikes are suitable for riding? There is no way to answer that question, And here’s why.

BMX bicycles are built for specific uses. This includes stunts and short-distance races.

They’re not suitable for long distance rides due to their low seating. They are, therefore, better from a standing position and are not the best option for riding in a cruiser.

If you do have one you plan to take on a cruise, then you must think about upgrading it, which can cost a lot in the end.

People Also Need to Ask

Can BMX Bikes go off-road?

Yes! BMX bikes are made for off-road use. It is designed to be used for thrilling stunts and short distance races. It has a slim but strong frame geometry, a lower wheel height, a shorter standover height, and overall light weight.

Are BMX Bikes good to Ride Around?

The BMX bike is, no doubt, great to ride around on. But they’re suitable for short distances, not long ones. Additionally, you’re likely to have more fun riding on flat terrain than on hilly terrain.

What are BMX Bikes good for? Closing the thought

It’s clear that BMX bicycles were designed for short and fast rides and are not the best for long-distance rides; however, we’ve seen that you can still ride the bikes on different terrains provided you improve their spec. But remember that it will mean digging deeper into your pockets which isn’t worth it.

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