Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive? Unpacking 5 Reasons!


Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive? Unpacking 5 Reasons!
Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive? Unpacking 5 Reasons!

Due to the enormous appeal of BMXing, you are likely considering buying a BMX bike to participate in this thrilling sport. When you study the cost of the bikes, you see that BMX bikes aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. It makes you think, what is the reason BMX bikes so costly?

The BMX bikes are costly primarily due to their robust construction to withstand harsh use and are light enough to be maneuverable and quick. Furthermore, they have lower maintenance requirements and are often sold at an increased price due to their associated brand.

But even though BMX bikes are costly, they’re comparable with mountain bikes, e-bikes, and fat bikes, in terms of price.

This article will explain the reason why BMX bikes are so costly and will help you decide whether you should buy a complete BMX bike or create one yourself. Since many BMX bikes are expensive, I’ll give you some affordable alternatives on the market.

But first, let’s answer our title question:

Why are BMX Bikes so Pricey? The real reasons:

Below are five main reasons BMX bikes cost a lot of money:

1. BMX Bikes Are Strongly Built

BMX bikes are built to stand up to and endure anything you throw at them. Therefore, BMX bikes can withstand the rough terrain of streets, dirt trails, and state parks.

Because of their strong construction can withstand plenty of stress, which is why they are ideal for tricks and tricks.

Contrary to many easily damaged bikes by rigorous use, BMX bikes are highly flexible due to their more robust design.

We already know a robust bike construction translates to longevity. This means that in addition to being BMX bikes built to last, you can ensure they last longer if you select a reliable choice.

One of the main reasons BMX bikes cost so much is that you have to pay additional pounds to build up their endurance and strength.

B. BMX Bikes Are Lightweight

If you’re searching for a bike with which you could beat the competition or do tricks, stunts, and high jumping, you are bound to search for a light bike.

The positive side is that the BMX bike can provide all these features. BMX bikes have sturdy frames, which are lightweight and make riding more accessible and comfortable.

While most BMX bikes have Chromoly steel frames, they’re much lighter. To make things clear, Chromoly alloy steel frames are far more durable and sturdy than carbon steel. It is also more likely to last for longer and be more economical.

C. BMX Bikes Are More Responsive

In comparison to other bikes, BMX bikes are exceptionally smooth. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to go the extra mile and achieve it with the help of a BMX bike without fear of your bike breaking.

This also allows professional athletes to ride with confidence and confidence since they can perform however they want. This is why you will find BMX bikes that have high prices.

D. BMX Bikes Have Low Maintenance

In general, BMX bikes come in basic designs. They typically have fewer parts which simplify their maintenance.

For example, BMX bikes come in single-speed. This means they come with only one gear, which is less expensive to maintain and maintain. Also, since they are easier to maintain than others, they are significantly more than high-maintenance bikes.

E. BMX Bikes are expensive because Of the Name Brand

A lot of people are unaware of this, but the fact is that BMX brand names typically are a factor in the price of the bike. To clarify the matter, brands such as Mongoose, Elite, Diamondback, and WeThePeople are well-known and trustworthy, and their bikes are considerably more than lesser popular brands.

Customers love brands, and most riders will purchase the bikes when a BMX brand is famous. The manufacturers and retailers use their fame to sell their BMX bikes higher.

What is the price of a Bike for BMX cost?

The truth is that BMX bicycles are available in three main types. Each model performs differently, and consequently, their costs differ.

We offer freestyle BMX bikes, racing BMX bikes, and cruiser BMX bikes. You can be sure that there’s a BMX bike for every person and even those on a tight budget.

But be aware that most budget BMX bikes are made of poor-quality components. Good, affordable alternatives are available, and you don’t need to spend much money to purchase one.

The most expensive BMX bikes are made by reputable brands such as WeThePeople and Mongoose. Budgeting about $1,500 on bikes from these top brands is recommended. However, you can rest assured that these bikes have the highest quality components and will last many years.

If you’re new to the sport and are seeking a reasonably priced bike with no compromise on quality, you ought to spend between $500 and $1,000.

Take a look at the estimated price for BMX bicycles in the below table:

Check out the price estimates of BMX bikes in the table below:

Price Range Suitability  Cost 
Budget Beginners and Kids $250 – $500
Mid-range Regular riders $500 – $1,000
High-end Pro-riders $1,000 – $1,500

Are There Affordable BMX Bikes?

On the other hand, There are BMX bikes for sale at every price. Therefore, finding a high-quality BMX bike is possible even if you’re restricted by money.

They’re not top-of-the-line, and some pros do not like these. However, they’re excellent entry-level options that will suit beginners well.

Below are three excellent and inexpensive BMX bikes that cost less than $500:

  • Mongoose Title Elite Pro Bike for BMX(View the item on Amazon). In this competition, BMX had a lot to offer. It is a decent performer and targets intermediate and professional riders.
  • Mongoose Legion BMX Bike(View on Amazon). The 20″ freestyle BMX bike is ideal for riders at all levels. It’s best for riders taller than 4’8″ – 5’4″ tall
  • Schwinn Sting Pro And Predator (View on Amazon). The cruiser BMX bike is designed to appeal to riders of all levels of cycling. It’s a great street racer. You can take a ride on roads in urban areas and even do stunts.

Is it cheaper to build or Purchase a BMX Bike?

It’s essential to inform yourself that the construction of your BMX bike will cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Yes! It was expensive.

Do you think the reason is? Let’s say, for that frame. A reasonable frame will cost around $450. When you add the other elements, it could cost quite a bit higher.

This is an essential option for professional cyclists who customize the bike work for their requirements. However, if you’d instead go this route, you must purchase second-hand and customize it according to your preferences and taste.

However, purchasing a fully BMX bike is cheaper than building one yourself. Plus, a complete BMX bike already has everything you need to ride.

If you’re on a tight budget and are new to the sport, consider purchasing a complete BMX bike. It’s not just a way to cost you less but help you on your way to success.

People Also Need to Ask

What’s unique about a BMX bike?

As mentioned earlier, BMX bikes are unique due to four primary reasons. They are light, sturdy constructed, reliable, and simple to maintain. Therefore, due to these particular reasons, BMX bikes are considered distinctive.

What is the most expensive BMX Ride in The World?

One of the most expensive BMX bikes currently includes the popular WeThePeople BMX Bike. The bike is priced at about $1,550 and has the highest-end parts.

Why are BMX Bikes so expensive?

BMX bikes are costly due to their intense light, lightweight and responsive. Other factors, such as ease of maintenance and the brand’s name, make BMX bikes expensive.

Are BMX Bikes worth it?

BMX bikes are, in all respects they are worth it. They can be adapted and constructed to take on complex, uncertain terrains effortlessly.

Their lightweight allows them to maneuver in urban areas easily and makes them better jumpers and stunt riders. Additionally, their agility and flexibility make them suitable for riding for longer.

Why are BMX Bikes so Small?

BMX bikes are generally smaller because they have smaller wheels and low seating. This is why they’re considered the best choice for stunts and high jumps.

And, as any professional will inform you, a smaller bike would be ideal for jumping high. Therefore, BMX bikes are small to be used for this purpose.

Why are BMX Bikes so expensive? Last Remark

As you can see, BMX bikes come at high prices. They tend to be more stable, lighter, and robustly built. However, the name is a factor in why BMX bikes are costly.

However, if you’re beginning to learn, There are low-cost options you can purchase without sacrificing quality. It’s just a matter of shopping and paying attention to these.

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