Why Do BMX Bikes Have Low Seats? 5 Reasons Explained!

Why Do BMX Bikes Have Low Seats? 5 Reasons Explained!
Why Do BMX Bikes Have Low Seats? 5 Reasons Explained!

You can call it weird the first thing that people see when they look at the BMX at first glance is that the seats are low. Why is it that BMX bikes have soft hearts?

The bikes of BMX generally feature low seats that allow more clearance and ease of doing stunts. In addition, the soft seats give riders more control and incredible momentum in performing the tricks. They also aid with casual riding and the protection of seat posts.

If you spot a BMX with a seat that is low and a low seat, it’s essential to recognize that the bike manufacturers are aware of the way they operate.

Try raising the seat, and you’ll see an enormous change in the overall riding experience, whether freestyle or race BMX. Therefore, a massive difference between using a shallow seat for BMX and a higher seat. Most of the time, the former prevails in terms of riding in comfort.

Let me discuss the rationale behind a seat that is low a bit further to make it easier to understand.

5 Reasons Bicycle Seats for BMX Aren’t as High

Most of the time, BMX bikes have low seats as a result of five reasons:

1. Better Clearance for Easy Stunts 

BMX bikes are also known as stunt bikes. They’re all about doing the most nerve-wracking but enjoyable tricks. It is usually challenging to master the trick with raised seats; consequently, BMX seats should be lower than.

A low seat gives the best movement clearance, and you won’t be at risk of injuries when you attempt these moves.

In addition, a high seat can reduce the efficiency of your cycling. Thus, you do not need an elevated seat; you can choose a lower option.

2. Low Seats Give Extra Grip

It would be best if you had to get as close to your bike as you can when riding the BMX. It is the seat where you can get more grip to perform maneuvers and race.

However, you won’t have a sufficient contact seat’s high point. This means that the middle needs to be low enough to allow you to keep the bike in mid-air easily.

If you feel it’s too high, you might scratch an area of your body to try to grab the grip.

Low Seats Help You Boost Your Pedaling Efficacy

Usually, greater clearance and more grip are a greater power. A low-slung seat provides you with more pedaling ability.

It allows you to push harder and with a lot of energy. The speed of your pedaling generally increases. This is essential when racing on the BMX.

Try racing on a BMX with a tall seat, and you’ll be able to see how difficult it is to reach the pedals and get going quickly. Therefore, it is sensible to use a low seat on a BMX.

Low Seats Allow You to ride comfortably.

Although BMX movements don’t require sitting down, they do require sitting. BMX is just like any other bicycle. Therefore, you can ride it just like a regular bicycle.

If you want to do it casually, you’ll need to sit down, which is where low seating comes into play. They allow you to take a break and relax your back from the stress of standing while riding or freestyling.

5. Low Seats Provides Security

Nothing can be more annoying than the seat of your bike scratching the area around your genitals if you accidentally rub it. This is likely to happen if the heart is raised.

You can also perform tricks with a lower seat and move your body without worrying that the chair might be rubbing against your peritoneum, resulting in injuries.

6.1 Why does BMX have Seats?

It’s normal to be curious about why BMX is equipped with seats, yet no one uses them since they ride mainly when standing.

The seat exists for some reason. First, it serves the user as any other and also provides you with an area to sit down whenever you’re riding your bike leisurely.

The seat is also equipped with additional contact points that can be used to execute tricks based on your imagination.

In addition, seats cover the post that is not covered to shield your perineum from injury while performing stunts or racing.

It all depends on the specifications of your BMX bike and seat requirements. Look up the best BMX seat on Amazon!

4. Why Do BMX Bikes Have Slanted Seats?

There’s no reason not to sit on the back of a BMX bike. It is, however, only do this when you are riding the bike at a leisurely pace.

Remember that the BMX bike is designed for the thrill of stunts (freestyling) and racing, which you cannot do while sitting. If you don’t want to do some errands on your BMX, it is not necessary to sit.

Can you adjust a BMX seat?

Although BMX seats are usually small, that does not mean they have to be used this way. They are adjustable and don’t require experts to assist you in the process.

All you require are An Allen wrench which you can adjust the seat’s height to your desired height as well as tilt or angle.

How to raise a BMX Seat

It’s now possible to raise the height of a BMX seat. Here are the steps needed to accomplish it:

  • Find the seat clamp and then use the Allen wrench to release the clamp.
  • Make use of the wrench to remove the bolt holding the seat.
  • After the core has loosened then, lift it to the desired height.
  • Utilizing the Allen wrench and the Allen wrench, tighten the clamp until you keep the center in place
  • Adjust the seat angle before making it tighter with the Allen wrench.
  • Be careful not to raise the BMX seat too high because it could break the post of your seat and cause damage to the frame. Additionally, as the BMX seat is made for a low position, it is not advisable to raise it too high.

People Also Need to Ask

What is the reason BMX Seats are So Low?

The BMX seats are designed to give you more room to do the tricks to increase the speed of your pedals and provide you with additional grip to maneuver the bike.

Furthermore, the low-slung seat protects your soft perineum from scratches and lets you take a bike ride quickly.

Are BMX Bikes able to be adjusted? Seats?

A majority of BMX bikes have seats that can be adjusted. You can determine if your BMX seat can be adjusted by raising it with the Allen wrench.

Try moving the clamp and using it to loosen it, and if it doesn’t loosen up, try pulling it back to verify that it’s adjustable.

Do BMX Riders sit down?

BMX riders typically don’t lie down because they don’t have to sit down when doing tricks or competing. BMX riders sit only when casually riding the bikes as regular bicycles.

What is the reason BMX Bikes come with Slanted Seats?

The BMX bikes are equipped with low seats. However, the seats are also well-slanted. The BMX bikes provide complete control of the motorcycle crucial when doing stunts.

A slanted seat gives the rider additional space to perform the tricks. Moving on the bike without causing harm to the pelvic region becomes effortless when you push your body on the bicycle.

Is it a requirement to sit on a BMX Bike?

Although the BMX is equipped with low-slanted seats, you shouldn’t be sitting while freestyling or racing.

Sitting down gives an insufficient amount of leverage. You’ll become lazy and not able to perform stunts or race efficiently.

However, you can be seated while riding casually on a BMX, such as while running an errand or commuting for a short distance.

What is the best height for my BMX Seat? What Should My BMX Seat’s Height

You can adjust the BMX seat to whatever level you feel comfortable with. Be sure not to have knee pains while riding. If you feel pain in your knee, you can lower the saddle.

Why do BMX Bikes have low seats? Closing The Idea

Ultimately, you will understand why BMX seats aren’t as high and the advantages of keeping them this way.

The next time you see your BMX with a low-slanted seat, don’t bother trying to raise it. This is a benefit to you. However, if you need to increase it to the max, try doing it while riding the BMX at a leisurely pace.


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